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  1. :)

    My last blog. My last post. Thank you.
    I changed my password to one I won't remember, not a flounce.....but a fail. A quit.
    This isn't my place anymore, but thank you all. xxx
  2. I'm Lovin' It...

    The Stags and Hens are catching eyes and planning to swap STIs whilst stuffing in the limp French Fries while just passing by.

    The obese kid in his Heeley rollers sipping down a full fat cola and asking for another order was just passing by.

    The Junior Lib Dem with his Sharpie pen, expenses to submit again, claiming lunch for 20 men was just passing by.

    The lazy Cops on special ops were missing out on big drug drops, at least they filled their chubby ...
  3. Silly Car's Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake!

    Silly Car gave me this recipe months ago, but I only just made it today. It's really easy so I thought i'd post my results here

    Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake

    1 x punnet of strawberries
    2 x tub of Mascarpone cheese *(200g IIRC)
    2 x tub of Philadelphia cheese *(200g IIRC)
    1 x pot of double cream (500ml)
    1 x bar of White chocolate (200g)
    Small packet of digestive biscuits
    Lump of unsalted butter

  4. Dear Mail On Sunday

    Since perusing the copy of ‘You’, published 06/06/10 and following a particularly feverish sleepless night, I have found myself contemplating the following at length:

    I am a 30yr old woman. Could it be that there is no glimmer of life left within me now to fill the bleak void of years between one needing a good meal and an STI test and being fitted with a colostomy bag and mobility aid?

    ‘You’ magazine has always been a bright oasis of spirit within the otherwise solemn ...
  5. Jeremy Piglet

    Eleven years ago, during my time as a student at HairyLemon Primary School, I recall a very special morning assembly being held.
    The Headmaster, Mr Twister, announced he had an important surprise and that we were all to be put in a position of unique responsibility.
    My best mate Angus and I sat crossed legged on the hard wooden floor and picked our scabs regardless, the last time those words passed his lips, he was grasping a bottle of bourbon and announcing the existence of his ...
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