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  1. Man I ache

    This exercise stuff is supposed to get easier...

    I made a big mistake today in drinking a pint of apple juice too near the start of the session. So half way through the beasting I nearly parked a pint of bramleys on Stoke Park.

    Still - no pain no gain. Now starting Thursday evening sessions as well.

    I wonder how Pax is getting on
  2. Post exercise - Monday

    I still ache. There was me thinking Saturdays session was a bit easy and I'm stiff as hell....

    Still, no pain, no gain as they say.....
  3. A grand day

    Well, the afternoon went well - The new R1200GS looked kind of nice at Vines - it's basically the same bike but the thing that caught me was that it had loads more places to attach add on bits on to - it's much easier to mount decent twin horns for instance. And finally, it has an LED rear/brake light, so Nippy normans will be miffed

    The ESA suspension looked trick - I'd like it for commuting - you could lower it to get both feet on the ground for riding around the ciry and raise ...
  4. 40 Something biker

    He he he

    I'm going to track my fitness improvement, mainly to annoy Pax

    Today's BMF session at Stoke Park in Guildford went much better then the previous ones (well, this was lesson 3) It's funny that last week I was absolutely knackered but this week I think I paced myself too much and wasn't completely knackered at the end of the session.

    My shoulder/neck has stopped hurting and I hope I don't get the agony that I had last Monday.

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