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Fly Racing Maverik Boot

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The Fly Racing Maverik motorcycle boot is a high-performance boot designed for off-road riders who demand durability, comfort, and protection. Here are some of the features and specifications of this product:

Material: The Fly Racing Maverik boot is made from a high-quality synthetic leather material that provides excellent durability and abrasion resistance. The boot also features a durable rubber outsole that provides excellent traction on a variety of surfaces.

Comfort: The boot is designed for comfort, with a cushioned insole that provides excellent support and absorbs shock during riding. The boot also features a mesh liner that helps to wick away moisture and keep the foot dry and comfortable.

Protection: The Fly Racing Maverik boot is designed with rider safety in mind, featuring a molded shin plate, ankle protection, and toe box protection that help to protect the rider from impact and abrasion injuries. The boot also features a heat shield that protects the foot from hot exhaust pipes.

Closure: The boot is equipped with a durable aluminum buckle system that provides a secure and customizable fit. The buckle system also allows for quick and easy on and off.

Style: The Fly Racing Maverik boot is available in a range of stylish colorways, including black, white, and orange. The boot features a sleek and modern design that is sure to complement any off-road riding gear.