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Lexin 2pcs B4FM Motorbike Intercom With FM Radio

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The Lexin B4FM Motorbike Intercom is a popular Bluetooth communication system designed for use while riding motorcycles. It comes in a set of 2, allowing two riders to communicate wirelessly with each other up to a distance of 1.2 kilometers (0.75 miles).

The device also features a built-in FM radio and can be paired with smartphones to stream music, take phone calls, and use GPS navigation. It has a waterproof rating of IP67, making it resistant to rain and dust, and has a battery life of up to 15 hours of talk time and 350 hours of standby time.

The intercom system also has noise-cancellation technology, which helps reduce background noise for clearer communication. It comes with a range of accessories, including a boom microphone, a wired microphone, and a handlebar remote control for easy operation while riding.