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A review of 2011

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11 was a good year in that I didn't break anything . Financially (and entirely my own fault) I have overstretched and am ending the year for the first time with an overdraft .
A spell of prioritising what I want over what I need saw the accomplishments of decorating two rooms in my little house, getting the electrics sorted in the garage, and some fencing to secure my boundary; all of which are fantastic achievements, and some of which I could not have managed without the kindness and generosity of 'mates rates' . I've not got out and about as much as I would have liked, but that's all part of the prioritising process, and overall I'm pleased with my choices as this little house now feels much more 'my own' with the changes I've made . Vehicles have as always been money-pits, but that's the price you pay for wanting something 'different' . Again it has been mates who have saved the day and kept me mobile through periods of mechanical disaster . Work has remained constant despite my efforts to escape, and sadly things have taken a downward slide there recently leaving a bitter taste to the year end , but 'onwards and upwards' as they say ~ New year, new start. Refocus and go for it!

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Life ..


  1. Diversion's Avatar
    good luck hunny!


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