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Cottage refurbishment ~ Garden development pt 2

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Just over a year has passed and the Greenhouse is still in boxes ~ well it would be if the boxes hadn't disintegrated with the weather! The trouble with this plot is it's round the back of the house and oh so easy to put off checking on, let alone doing anything
I found my motivation again over xmas and the weather has been conducive to progress at last
I've still got a way to go . . the foundations need pouring, once that's done I can finally get the greenhouse put up, and I need to buy more wood to finish the second raised bed, then of course fill it with soil. There will be a third small bed alongside the Greenhouse once it's up, but in the mean time here's a couple of before and after pics
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  1. Editor's Avatar
    Chuffing 'eck you haven't half done some work-looks fabulous.
  2. fazerdaze's Avatar
    I try to recycle whenever I can, so the bark chips that were scattered about over blue tarpaulin when I moved in have been swept up and now serve their purpose as weed control on a flower bed in the other garden. The half dozen slabs you can see in the first photo now form part of the garden path, and the tarpaulin is stashed behind the oil tank for future use when I can think of one. The wood edging round the first veg bed is old joists left over from roof repairs by a previous owner. The posts for the new veg bed are from some old secondary fencing I took down a couple of years back, the cold frame is based on an old back gate and the paths are recycled from a mate's 1970's patio.
    I think once I've completed the beds and got the Greenhouse up it's going to look great and be a proper functioning growing area
    Updated 15-03-12 at 13:32 by fazerdaze (Typo)
  3. Hawkman's Avatar
    Well done. I remember cleaning out a derelict greenhouse at my old gaff. The previous owner (builder) had stashed a load of shit in there, upto head height. Took a whole day plus to get it clear. What's next?
  4. fazerdaze's Avatar
    What's next?
    After Greenhouse is up and I start growing things ..

    Get creative with the other garden
    Remove back boiler and get open fire functional again ~ preferably before I have to buy more heating oil!
    Refit Bathroom
    Updated 17-03-12 at 20:50 by fazerdaze (Typo)
  5. Bigjawa's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by fazerdaze
    Refit Bathroom
    Does this mean the lightshade from hell is getting the heave ho?
  6. fazerdaze's Avatar
    This afternoon Rolawn delivered, or attempted to deliver, a bag of topsoil for my garden. I clearly wrote on the order that the road was difficult, but the bin men, oil deliveries and B&Q all managed it. The driver didn't. He hit the fence of the house on the corner on the way in, then hit the mirror on the telegraph pole opposite on the way out ... then left my soil at the end of the road and left!
    And so started the exhausting task of getting the soil to the garden by wheelbarrow . . . I'd done four or five trips when a retired chap from the main road came along with another wheelbarrow and started to help. Shortly after the man from the corner house came out to take over from then old chap. Next trip back, the old guy's found another wheelbarrow and is trundling along to meet us
    Eventually Farmer Weeble came along with his tractor and kindly moved the whole pallet down the road and into to my drive so I could manage the rest on my own.
    I was sincerely glad of the help. I'm still going to ache like hell in the morning, but most of all I'm glad I've got such wonderful neighbours
    Updated 03-04-12 at 06:45 by fazerdaze
  7. fazerdaze's Avatar
    Three months along .. lots of waiting on the weather, but the greenhouse frame is finally built and secured
    This morning I went to spray the fence with Cuprinol as once the glass is in I'll not be able to get near it again, and the gasket failed on the sprayer. Luckily I have oodles of paintbrushes! Two hours later found some slate to pack under the greenhouse to square it up, ready to fix it in place . . . then found I didn't have a single drill bit that would touch the concrete base , so I was off to B&Q. £13 and another two hours later and the frame is finally ready for glazing
    Updated 10-06-12 at 20:45 by fazerdaze


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