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Never Decreasing Circles...

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I suspect this thread will descend into a pit of despair fairly quickly, but I have been reading the TRC Rollcall thread and I must admit I am a little disappointed in the general undertone of some of the replies...

DodgetheRog has obviously spent a lot of time putting together those words and when he read it out at the Memorial Meet, he was met with acknowledging nods, smiles, titters and a round of applause at the end. He has captures a lot of what the spirit of TRC is all about.

The Memorial Meet is NOT a cliquey affair, not in the slightest, I am not the best person at walking up to people I don't know, but over the past three years when it have been a weekend affair, I have had a thoroughly good time, chatting to, listening to and meeting new people.

As far as I am aware none of the events, whether it be the various Winter Balls, the summer camping trips, the tours organised by Adam, Phy5ic5, Flash and others, the Treasure Hunts, the numerous drinks all around the country are invite only, it is generally a case that the same people who like mixing and meeting up tend to attend.

It beggars belief that some people think that there are is a clique, if knowing people for perhaps up to 10, 11, 12 years makes it cliquey, counting on these weird internet people as friends, for good and bad times, trading compliments, insults, help, a listening ear, a sounding board or just someone to go for a pint on a Thursday afternoon between meeting one mate for lunch and meeting someone for dinner on an evening in a small town miles from home, then I am pleased that I am in a clique, the clique known as TRC.

I have lost count of the people who will go out of their way to help others, I am one of those people who has benefited from it but I also hope that I have put more back into the system than I have taken out.

I am not naive enough to think that people don't get together and have camping holidays, tours, holidays, appear on TV, get married, have children, whatever with people from the forum, but it isn't a case of being exclusive it is just friends being friends.

After typing all of this, I can't be arsed with the potential fall out, the hand wringing, people saying it is just some soft lad from up North attention seeking, so to the blog it will head and most likely disappear without a trace.

ps I have had lunch with two TRCers in the last few weeks and didn't invite anyone else, I am surely going to hell for forming my own clique!

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    Utterley spot on-should be a sticky to all future Mem Meets IMO.

    Being the nature of a Memorial I went to my 1st one (the 10th) last year, not in the least because of 2011's tragedies, of whom I never knew IRL, but dearly wished I had. So odd to think you know someone so well just by what they choose to type, but somehow, so natural, esp when IRL it seems counter-intuitive. And then that sobering realisation that you never will, never can now meet them.

    At severe risk of brutaility, but the only clique at such a time is the dead & those who loved them. knew them, talked with them & it's all about memories & what brought us all together.

    And yes-NEVER decreasing circles indeed. Nice one J-the entire nub of it. The incidentals are just that. See you all soon.
  2. Bonners's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by katana
    Bonners, did you give them a hug?
    Certainly did, I think I even plucked up courage this year and hugged Bigyin and found out he was quite fluffy. I ought to be careful though, dont want to be accusing of cliquey huggism.
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