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I'm feeling selfish for wanting a dog ..

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Whenever winter comes round and I'm stuck indoors I get a real hankering to have a dog again.
I've found a cutie at the local kennels but I fear the long hours I work are against it. 15 hours is a long time to leave a dog on its own, but it would have free run of the house & garden, and I know of dogs that spend all day apart from a daily walk in outdoor kennels and pens, so would life with me be so terrible? Would a youngish dog be able to get used to it?

I'm being a bit of a wuss really. A bit reluctant to even apply in case they turn me down because I know I'd be so disappointed

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Life ..


  1. stickysidedown's Avatar
    I understand your feelings about it, I miss having a dog every day, literally every day, but dogs are hugely social creatures and I wouldn't have another unless I could be sure my conditions looked settled for the dogs lifespan and that such a lifestyle could include the amount of social interaction that would be fair to the dog.

    even a standard 8hrs is too long, though I used to keep two dogs and I think that was helpful for them, though I was also glad of a friendly neighbour who they trained to feed them the odd biscuit and talk to them over the fence as he worked from home.
  2. KorkyKat's Avatar
    Fifteen hours is a very long time plus the time you would spend sleeping. I always kept two dogs so they would have the company of each other but I didn't work such long hours.

    I still miss my two.
  3. fazerdaze's Avatar
    It's long hours, but not every day
  4. Editor's Avatar
    bloody power surge just ate my reply. BBL-got to go & do my lot right now. But what they said in essence.

    Actually the real nub is those 15 hour shifts. They're so bad for one-been there & done them & it very nearly killed me.


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