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Musings of a hairy Irishman.............

Cold Turkey is harder than it looks.............

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At Christmas, I looked about me and thought "I'm going to give up the bikes"

At the time it seemed rather logical, I have a shed, a huge elderly ST1100, an equally elderly Bandit, a GSXR1100 streetfighter needing finished, most of another slabside and a CB250 all sitting doing nothing. I wouldn't sell the Bandit, I would be keeping the shed and I'm very fond of the old beast anyway, co it could stay, the fighter just needs paint, the ST would go on Gumtree and the assorted parts would too. Easy.

Things started to go wrong just after Xmas, I was looking at a local biker buy and sell group on FB, there was a bloke who had been trying to flog a Firestorm since November, I had watched the price get reduced until it was a couple of hundred quid above what I thought I would get for the ST, if I was lucky, so I sent him a cheeky PM wondering if he would be up for a swap, He rode the ST and liked it, I liked the VTR and a deal was done. I was happy, a tidy VTR would always be easier to shift than a tatty, high mileage ST. At the same time I pulled the Bandit out where it had lain since about may and gave it a go at starting. As usual it started and I began to think how handy it would be to have the Bandit outside the house, just for emergencies, so I insured it and the VTR and the Bandit was presented for MOT, passed with flying colours, so in the space of a few says I had 2 road legal bikes.

So that was ok for a couple of weeks until another mate phones up bemoaning the fact that he was looking a trailie and was skint, did I know anyone who would buy his unfinished GSXR project. I know the bike in question, an 1100L, bored to 1216, fancy cams, K&N's, very quick for an 1100, (north of 150bhp IIRC) harris rearsets, bodywork painted in Rizla colours, a K5 subframe and rear bodywork for fitting and a complete TL1000R front end that he was going to fit. Would I know anyone who would buy it.

"What are you looking for it?"

"Dunno, about 1200 for everything"

"Fuck off, it's in bits"

"I paid 400 for that front end and that engine was two grand!"

"I might well have been, but it's IN BITS"

"I know, but I've seen this XT600"

"How much is the XT"


"Give you 800 for everything, including the Ohlins you're hiding from it"

(reluctantly) "Sold!"

So now my plans for giving up have been totally blown to bits, I haven't a pot to piss in and I'm considering if my ancient Bandit could cope with nearly twice the power, it's a funny old world.............

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    *sniggers* at 'inc the Ohlins you're reluctantly hiding from it'

    pick the easist one to fixerup, do it asap & flog it. Hopefully that'll get you into the groove for doing the rest of them. Leave the new toy for last & best.

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