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Personal values ..

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Looking back though some old photos recently, it made me think hard about the label 'biker' and what it means to me, and I decided that although there are no photos of me bungee'd to my dad as he rode me round the garden on his BSA, I know it happened, and wonder if that experience planted the first seed of my biker path. My dad got rid of the bike when I was three and a half and never rode another one until I was seventeen, so is it learned behaviour or is it deeper than that? Are some people just prone to become 'Bikers'?

Looking back through the pictures, from the age of fourteen bikes are everywhere. My friends all had them, my boyfriends all had them, my social life revolved around bikes for transport and biker friendly venues.
I don't know whether I became a biker when I was fourteen, or whether I already was one, but motorbikes have been the only constant in my life.

In my experience bikers are a bloody good bunch. They look out for each other and really care. They make-do & mend and go out of their way to help. Whether it's a nod on the road, lending of tools, donating 'bits', advice over the phone or driving miles to help when it's needed, bikers support and come through for each other time and time again.

There is a bit of an image thing going on, but that's largely down to the practicality of the clothes we wear in order to keep ourselves warm, dry and safe. It annoys me sometimes how much people judge and value others on the way they look; and maybe my being a biker has affected my whole life direction and achievement possibilities, but looking round at my mates and the way they are to each other, I'd take a bunch of greasy bikers over the suited an' booted fashion set any day!

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  1. knee_boarder's Avatar
    You ain't wrong FD
  2. Editor's Avatar
    riceburner recently suggested that perhaps one of the common denominators was our attitude to risk. I think there might well be something in that, seeing as it was only when I was 15-17 when my mates had bikes & I only myself came to it properly some 15 years plus later. OTOH I can clearly remember a ferry trip to france as a nipper & looking almost in awe at the big bikes loaded up for the long haul & them having all the fun in the bar. And the gorgeous girlie who gently dropped her black CB750 coming out of a car park & the wheelie meister down the strip during the evening by seaside. Ooh la la!
  3. Diversion's Avatar
    My mum always hated the thing, and no-one in my family rode... for me it was getting in with 'the wrong crowd' but mum loved them. The guys were respectful and looked after me when we went out. Two guys from that era - i was 14 when I started hanging with the 'field' - are still like my big bruvs today...and both still ride.

    Despite hating the bike my mum appreciates that I have had a fab life because of it...all down to RB and Blondie in the beginning, but also a myriad of others that still count as my friends...

    I am not sure about the 'risk' attitude... but nothing compares to a sense of freedom on the bike - and no-one knows i am a girl - well, until they have ridden behind me for more than 3 mins lolol.

    I think myself very lucky with the friends i have found... who's to say with a different choice maybe the suited and booted would have been fun, but tbh, i wouldn't chnage a minute (well, okay, maybe a few but hey ho!


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