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I hate having to ring my head office

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I fell out with one of the girls at my head office a few months back. I was new and not sure of some things so I rang for advice and got some condesending little jumped up bitch who took great delight in belittling me over the phone. Being the wall flower that I am, she got it with both barrels. Five mins later my area manager is on the phone telling me that she had put in a complaint about me being rude. Trust me I took about five miins of personality assasination before I faught back. She, in my mind, started it. I admitted that maybe I did go over board but she wants to sort out her phone manner. Anyway the long of it was, I wasn't in trouble.

Today! I ring head office as I needed a phone number which I couldn't find in my office. I get a new girl. Conversation goes something like this.

Hiya, it's XYZ school. Was wondering if you could help me. I need a number for the fruit man that brings the free school fruit. Hes not delivered any since returning from school hols.

'Oh, have you not got his number?'

'No, Sorry, I've not had cause to ring them before so never had the number'

She then rattles off a number that is for our weekly fruit and veg.

To which I say.
'Oh sorry, that looks like the number I use to buy my fruit and veg. I need the number for the FREE fruit'

'You never said that!'

'Erm sorry, maybe I didn't make myself clear. I need the number for the free fruit'

'That's nothing to do with us, the school deals with it, you'll have to speak to them'

'ok, thanks for you help. I'll get on to them'

And I hang up.

Five minutes later my area manager is on the phone asking if I'm ok. To which I say 'Yup, tickety boo!' She then tells me head office have been on the phone and have put in a complaint about me being rude. 'But I wasn't rude' to which she said 'well in future try not to sound rude when you talk to them..........'

YOU FUCKING WHAT!!!!!! (I didn't say that last bit to her) I just told you I wasn't rude and still you tell me not to be rude.

Someone has got in for me at head office. So now in future I'm going to talk to them in one of those really annoying singsong voices. You know the type, airhead, barbie!!!

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    Tricky. So tricky that I think you might need a plan B. I've never won against Head Office, well maybe a battle or two but never the ensuing war. Thing is they all talk & your card is irretrievably marked, IMO. It would be nice if your area manager would support you, but they know this all too well & which side their bread is buttered. Lesson-never ring head office unless you got a buddy up there. And cultivating a buddy in each dept is the trick., which is what I set about doing on my plan B. Well C & D actually!

    You can imagine my apprehension when the old firm seemed to take over my new one-fortunately it was the other way around & the old Head Office was the 1st target of rationalisation. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of cuddly youknowwhats!
  2. Spitfire's Avatar
    I do have one, just one, person I can talk to up there. Trouble being you never know who you're gonna get when you ring. I've kept my calls down to an absolute minimun, just today I had to call them.
  3. gandy's Avatar
    How twatty is that!
    I would just lay it on thick when you ring them and be all sweetness and light.

    Or, email the one person you get on with and ask for their direct dial.

  4. Yambo's Avatar
    Two can play at that game and you're not playing the game Spitfire.

    I think you have to get your complaint in first. As soon as you hang up from the conversation call your area manager and tell him that the head office bitches don't listen to a word you say, never have the information you need and are condescending shits.
  5. Spitfire's Avatar
    I was thinking of telling them that I was recording the phonecall and see how they react....mwhahahahaha
  6. MrTack's Avatar
    they'll hate it but it works .all our calls are taped but I can get away with murder

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