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Robbin' Bar Stewards

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I was not having the best of days due to my other half having major surgery. Then on my way home my car decides to conk out...again!. It happened a week or so ago, turned out one of the senors in the fuel tank is on the blink.

So theres me driving down the M5 on my way home from the hospital and the engine dies. i know instanly what it is. No Fuel!! I'm in road works and narrowly miss ploughing down a load of road cones trying to get my now really heavy car onto the hard shoulder. So there I am, all I need is fuel. I'm miles from home, Eccles is fresh out of surgery, everyone I know lives in London. So i decide to call the RAC to see if they can help. They want 141. OMFG! I told him I just need one of your guys to come out and give me some fuel. I'm a lone woman on the side of a motorway and it's getting dark..........No it's a 141 or nothing. Oh and we'll just ring the highways agency to see if they can help. I puts down the phone.....The phone rings and it's the Highways Agency. I explained the whole situation to him about Eccles being in hospital kids miles away at a sitter......Nope sorry love we're not allowed to bring out fuel to you. You'll have to bite the bullet and pay. Oh and if your car is not gone in two hours we'll have to impound your vehicle.

I had to pay up in the end, had no fucking choice, robbing fucking bastards!!!!! It was either pay up or get impounded.

So the RAc guy calls to say he's on his way. Within five minutes the Highways Agency were on the phone.........His exact words "you moved that car yet?" WTF?!?! you total toss bag. Didn't even come to see if I was ok, just rang...WANKER!!!

Oh and once the RAC guy had put fuel in the car he held his hand out and said that'll be 15.

I walked off!

Wankers the lot of them

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  1. Fallen Angel's Avatar

    Silly sausage, should have called, could've arranged for someone over that side of things to come help you, am sure. A post up on here would've probably got someone to you. Next time, call. xx
  2. Mr Rooty Tooty's Avatar
    Jeez, last time that happened to me I just flagged down a passing RAC bloke and bought 5 worth of fuel off him
  3. Pirahna's Avatar
    You knew the fuel gauge was faulty, why not stick a can of petrol in the boot or keep the tank topped up?
  4. Ant's Avatar
    Rip orf merchants aren't they!

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