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Silly Car

I am never employing a tradesman again, ever!

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How fucking hard can it be to get a bricklayer who is reliable?

I have had a bastard of a job getting a builder to pull down and rebuild the back wall of my property, first guy quoted an inordinate amount in materials even though I specified I wanted the cheapest possible job doing and took the pip when I said I wanted to supply my own goods. Yes, I know he is in business to make a profit but to charge 100% over the top on every material and still expect me to accept it was unreasonable.

Next firm that agreed to do the job quoted high on the labour but agreed to shift all of the rubble themselves in their tipper truck which would have saved the time and expense of skips etc. They failed to arrive on the first day and finally phoned several hours later to admit they'd double booked and would arrive a week later.

A week later arrives with a text saying the van had broken down and they would be here the next day but would sort out a skip, it transpired that they wanted me to fund the skip on top of their quote to do everything and clear, so that was a non-starter

Finally, a brickslinger arrives, we agree terms and he starts as scheduled, does two days graft with me assisting as an additional labourer, he moans constantly but is getting on with the job. He packs up at the end of Day 2 (Saturday) and says he'll be back at 8am, an hour later, text to say 8.30am. Text at 8am to say he's not well and will be back on Monday.

He finally rocks up on Wednesday, stating he'd been wiped out for two days and only came 'round the day before. He bungs in a cracking shift and the walls start looking good. He's still moaning about the job but as he is getting on with it, I am happy to pay him and his labourer the agreed day rate.

It was agreed that I'd pay him at the end of each day rather than at the end of the job as he'd been shafted in the past, I suspect this was a mistake...

Anyway, he does another couple of days and was due back tomorrow after taking today off for his kid's birthday. Fuck me if I don't get a text this afternoon to say he won't be back for a week or two following a 'family problem' the fucking cúnt! I am seething that he has shafted me.

Sitting back and thinking about the last couple of weeks, there are a number of coincidences that I don't like, a, last weekend when he disappeared he took most of his tools with him, yesterday he packed up all of his tools, b, for the last few days, I have paid him on the morning after as I have been away, yesterday I settled up at the end of the day, c, he has had a key for the garage for the past few days so he can lock up at the end of the day, he gave it back yesterday.

I suspect the fucking snidey bastard has picked up another job for the next couple of weeks and wants to do that one rather than finish my job off. I also suspect he wanted to be paid at the end of the day so he could fuck off when he chose to rather than having to finish the job before getting paid.

I am now left with an unfinished job, a pillar that looks good when you close your eyes that I am going to have to pull down whilst the mortar is still green and learn how to lay bricks that or wait until this wanker deems my job important enough to finish and to think he was cheeky enough to send me a text after the first day saying if I was happy to recommend him to friends.

Does anyone have any tips on laying bricks and how to mix mortar?

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  1. Silly Car's Avatar
    I have just googled his contact number and found he is looking for a new labourer who must be able to drive, which confirms another suspicion that he can't drive, whether as a result of a ban or otherwise. So if he hasn't got any transport, why not ask for a lift?

    I should be out there now, tidying up, assessing what needs to be done and looking to make a start but sadly my back has decided that working as normal is optional. I just hope the brofen takes effect so I can at least shift the lintels off the street and get a look at the enormity of what I need to do myself to finish off.
  2. Cousin Jack's Avatar
    Welcome to the world of the Great British tradesman! I feel for you, I have now been commissioned by 'er indoors to sort out yet another little annoyance that my bathroom fitter 'designed into' his work.

    To be fair, they aren't all like that, but far too many are. What you really need is a Polish bricklayer.
  3. MrTack's Avatar
    i think its time you'd think there was full employment the way these "tradesmen" carry on.yep what you need is a polish bricklayer
  4. Silly Car's Avatar
    I would more than happily employ a Polish builder, if anyone can suggest to find one, other than in Krakow, I'm all ears!
  5. Eclipse's Avatar
    try contacting your local council as they often have lists of trusted workmen
  6. mrlongbeard's Avatar
    Do it yourself..

  7. katana's Avatar
    Oi I pointed the bricky to him....
  8. Silly Car's Avatar
    The good news, the brick slinger returned after a couple of days and a lot of progress has been made since, in fact, the work is nearly complete. He has just got to lay half a dozen blocks, add the header course and build a 3ft long, 6ft tall block wall between another wall and a door frame.

    The only reason the above wasn't finished on Wednesday was two roofing sheets need to be removed for access which he didn't have a nut spinner to cope with. I'll be out there first thing whipping the bolts out and awaiting his arrival.

    In the future, I will be most certainly doing it myself!
  9. Silly Car's Avatar
    And the future started this morning as the fucknut was a no show yesterday, no response from messages and I've now had enough!

    This weekend and week was supposed to be about fitting out the shed with racking and the like to turn it into the storage haven I need. Now it is all about the finishing off the work I was paying to get done. Hopefully, I will get the brick slinging finished tomorrow and then cracking on for the rest of the week.

  10. Ant's Avatar
    Unfortunately this is the way with some tradesmen, if it's not their property, they really do not give a stuff. I've experienced it and so have many others. We're not alone.

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