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Silly Car

Pulled Pork - Sous Vide style

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Somehow, at the weekend, I decided that it was a good idea to not only defrost a 3lb leg of pork joint, but also a similar sized chunk of shoulder, both from my day playing at being a butcher!

The leg joint was roasted and there was a hint of cracking on the top, but not a huge amount, I don't know whether this is due to using a fan oven, the cooking method (hot as hell for 10 mins, then around 2 hours at a lower temperature or the preparation, joint defrosted in the fan oven, so nice a dry, scored and rubbed with salt, dried sage and dried time, anyway, I digress...

The star of the show/blog is the pulled pork!

The joint was trimmed of skin and some fat, however, in hindsight, I should have trimmed more of the surface fat, then placed in a ziplock bag with a few generous tablespoons of Badger Rub:

Badger Rub - recipe provided by our very own Derek Badger

50g salt100g soft brown sugar5g black pepper10g paprika10g garlic powder5g onion powder5g cayene pepper5g cumin

I must admit, I make up at least double of the above and store it in a kilner and use as required.

Back to the pork, the joint was left in the fridge for a few hours while I decided whether it was going to be roasted or placed in the Sous Vide, at 10pm on Sunday, I had made my decision, the whole lot, included any juices were vacuum packed and placed in preheated bath at 79 degrees, the timer was set for 18 hours. The time was picked as a result of hours of googling and by coincidence, that and 18 hours later would be supper time!

The machine was checked after 12 hours and the bag was then placed under a weight to hold it below the surface, normally this isn't an issue with Sous Vide cooking, however the higher temperature needed for pork resulted in a build up of steam. At the end of the cooking time, the vac bag was removed and left to rest, after 10 mins I couldn't resist prodding the bag, which yielded confirming the time and effort had resulted in a very tender joint of meat.

The stock was drained into a pan, there was a visible layer of fat on the top, but nothing major. The stock was reduced by 50% before adding the magical ingredients...

... cheap arse Lidl BBQ sauce (half a bottle) and a good squeeze of tomato puree. The sauce was then stirred whilst it came to the simmer. The resulting sauce was a little slack, so a desert spoon of corn flour was mixed with a splash of water before being stirred through and cooked out.

The joint fell apart in my hands, so I carefully shredded it, removing any connective tissue and lumps of fat before adding to the sauce to reheat.

The resulting shredded and sauce coated pork was then spooned into waiting pitta bread with coleslaw and a sprinkling of cheese. I reckon there is enough left for another 4 pittas, it has been frozen in a vac bag, which means it can be brough back to temperature in a pan of boiling water for a quick and easy weekday supper.

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  1. gandy's Avatar
    Twas friggin delicious!
  2. go_slow's Avatar
    Sounds excellent

    When we do any pork like that (well I do mine on the smoker) we do the biggest lump possible. The left over pork is frozen and used for a quick evening meal by defrosting (take out of freezer in the morning), placing in a oven dish, covering in gravy (tesco finest gravy in a jar or what ever you fancy) and then slowly reheating in the oven. Very nice. I also keep a stock of par boiled pots or pot skins in the freezer, these can be cooked from frozen and make a nice side for the meal (obviously pork first, then whack the oven up, put oil in to heat, add pots, cook). Whilst it aint a quick meal the time to prep is low so you can be getting on with other stuff whilst dinner is cooking itself.
  3. gandy's Avatar
    551 shit
  4. Anglomaniac's Avatar
    pictures next time!!
  5. Silly Car's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by gandy
    551 shit
    Over 7,000 now

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