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It's been a while!

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It seems the last real blog post was in 2008! gosh, SIX years have passed since I felt the urge to just "put something out there"!

in that time friends have come and gone, life has rolled by as expected with all of the petty triumphs and losses of modern living. I wrote about my first trip to Italy in this blog, I loved that trip and it changed my life forever. I have gone from just having a holiday in Italy to owning my own place out there and starting a new network of great friends, building myself fresh opportunities for a future.

In doing all of this I have been driving over some amazing roads, around mountains and through valleys that would make any biker get all fizzy! I am returning to the fold…I will be a biker again in a very short time! I plan on telling the story of my return to two wheels on this blog, I am no Mark williams or Hunter S Thompson, but I hope it will not bore you too much!

The bike is located and awaiting final delivery, a Triumph Speed Four, 600cc of manageable fun…I hope.

Once the bike was agreed I popped up into the loft and had a dig about, apart from my old MX helmet and a very dusty fabric jacket I have been kiting in or the last decade, I have no bike gear! If I was buying just for me, this would be no problem, but as the fragrant Mrs adamski will be joining me on the bike, everything is doubled!
I consulted the bank account…the Dainese gear will have to wait. I searched ebay and within a week, leathers for both of us were located for £65! Bagaintastic! The rest will be purchased this week/next week from an as yet undecided store, this is hard, everything is WAY more expensive than I remember and I am out of touch with much of it…this will be changing quite rapidly!

How do I feel about this step back into two wheeled land? Excited but also incredibly nervous. I think a couple of days of quiet bumbling about the lanes of Derbyshire are in order before the 1000 mile trip to Italy is braved!!


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