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Preparing to get out again!

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Well, the kit is all sitting on the bed in the spare bedroom, quite amazing walking in there, I had forgotten how strongly leather clothing smelled! The aroma takes me instantly back ten years, the only thing missing now is the whiff of hot motorcycle, cooling steel, oil and rubber seeping into the house.
The boxes and bags contain new helmets, gloves and boots…all un-sullied, not covered in dead flies and the dye is the colour intended by the manufacturers, I fear this will change!

We went to the local J&S for the clothing, I am pretty sure we will be upgrading in the near future so it just needed to be serviceable, comfortable and moderately protective. I was amazed how easily Gaynor took to bike gear, She avoided the cheap stuff…but thankfully dodged the Arai and Shoei racks too! One thing I had managed to forget is quite how constrictive bike gear is! The boots sent me into a claustrophobic fit, it has been a while since I wore anything above my ankle bone, so zipping, buckling and strapping my lower legs into half a cow was somewhat alien, I am sure I will get used to it again!
The sales guys were very helpful and managed to restrain themselves from over selling once I had pointed out what my budget was to get sorted…they did look a little downhearted that i would be spending that little for two people, not each!
Gaynor has never been on anything bigger than a moped while she was in Greece, the archipelago not the musical, and I worry that the reality of perching on the pillion seat while the torrents of rain try to drown her MAY put something of a damper on events so the purse strings are super tight until she is sure of it all!

After splurging on all of the goodies we trundled over to the Triumph Dealers, I am getting a Speed Four so I wanted to see how much servicing and bits and pieces for my new toy would be!
This was a mistake!
I have now sat upon, and dribbled all over, the Tiger adventure bikes…OH MY!
So, a year on the Speed Four and then perhaps?!?!

Back at adamski towers the garage was in "a bit of a state" and required two years of boxes, old skis and more footwear than two people could possibly need. The whole Sunday. That is how long it took to sort out ONE garage, but finally the tools were where they belonged, the helmets were stacked neatly and all the bikes were racked!
Nothing needs doing now until the beast arrives!!

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  1. Milky82's Avatar
    Enjoy chap and welcome back to the fold, no binning it now

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