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Silly Car

The Lansky Deluxe Knfe Sharpening Kit

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This one:

Is simply the mutt's nuts!

I recently bought a Japanese knife sharpener from Rutlands as a replacement to the ageing Kitchen Devil item I have worn out keeping an edge on my kitchen knives and to be fair it did a good job of putting an edge on, even better when I put some water on the stones, but it was a coarse finish which felt like it was tearing rather than slicing.

Now, don't get me wrong, we are not talking Kin knives here, just a set of Ikea blades that I really like using, even though the handles are knackered from the constant washing over the years (yes, I really must change the them, especially when demographic was so kind in providing me some lovely oak stock). My other chef's knife is a Sabatier, not a proper one, just one that I picked up at least 12 year ago.

These knives have been used and abused over the years, have been tickled with a diamond stone every now and again, and then honed using a variety of steels including a diamond encrusted job and a ceramic one and using the KD tool below:

I am no knife expert, but I know when a knife is just sharp and when it is properly sharp, it is night and day, you can slice paper with a properly sharp blade and shred veg paper thin. Sadly, I had gotten to the stage with my current knives where I was using more force and less grace when cutting, which is never a good thing.

I know a fair number of you have used this system, I have read reviews, watched youtube clips and digested them before buying the kit. I reckon the Lansky system cost more than all of my current knives put together, but it is worth it.

I have so far sharpened the Sabatier chef's knife, working gradually from the most coarse stone to the finest, taking my time, working out how it all comes together, learning not to press down too hard at the tip of the blade as it flexes or near the clamp as the blade can 'tip' slightly changing the angle. I will resolve the latter by swapping the thumb screw for a normal screw. I worked each stone over the edge in the same direction until there was an even burr underneath, existing users will know what I mean, before flipping over and repeating each side with each stone and then each stone in turn.

The final ceramic stone polishes the bevel and removes the last element of burr from the edge. I suspect you can get a near mirror finish with this stone in time and with a better quality steel blade. I suspect the leather strop also helps.

The Sabatier will now slice paper with ease as per many of the videos and breezes through veg.

I have also sharpened the Ikea cooks knife in the collection with the same success. Neither are sharp enough to shave with but that may come in time with practice. The plastic stand I bought isn't brilliant as the blade clamp rocks around a little, so I will upgrade that at some point, but there is no hurry in that regard.

I will be moving on to the other chef's knife, the paring knife and filleting knife in due course. I find the process really cathartic and enjoyable. I may have to consider better quality knives in the future but for now I am incredibly happy with the blades I already have.

If anyone from Kin, Global or any other premium kitchen brands are reading this, please feel free to send me a sample knife to sharpen and enjoy

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Updated 19-12-14 at 06:15 by Silly Car



  1. Deer Stalker's Avatar
    Yes, equally happy with my relatively recent purchase of the Lansky system. I bought a load of Victornix knives about 9 months ago with plastic handles, the blades are good but didn't cost a fortune by any means and you can buy them by the item.

    Might be worth a look
  2. mrlongbeard's Avatar
    Deffo on my list of things to get even though I can get shaving sharp with their turnbox set on my better pocket knives.
    Me thinks a trip down to Barry is in order
  3. demographic's Avatar
    Oak? I thought it was cherry? Can't remember what I posted to who now.
  4. Silly Car's Avatar
    It might well be cherry...

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