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Terry Pratchett died today

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I loathe a C&P, but I wrote this elsewhere yesterday & I think it has some pertinence

On this same planet, say around 3 decades ago, post the lovely H2G2, we were back to broadswords & orcs again. With the odd glimmer of freshness from a young writer called Neil Gaiman & his Weaveworld. But the big guns were the series traditionalists like David Eddings & he sold in hardback. The ever aware Victor Gollancz were just adding a new author to their rather conservative list. Paperback rights were acquired by those series specialists, Transworld (David Eddings publisher). The original artwork was initially penned by Josh Kirby & very shortly after this fledgling bookseller was shelving books with covers unlike anyone else. Not long after a sequel arrived, which I skimmed. 'Oh look, university & lab humour. Bit Vth form, but at least there's no broadswords.' And then it grew in sales & interest, almost exponentially.

Posh book shops get a bit sniffy about fantasy anyhow, & comic fantasy-infra dig. So I read each new release in the returns room, a place where you really could have a sign saying 'here be dragons.' He developed rapidly in range & complexity & during what might call the 2nd half of his career be became pretty intolerant of fools & foolish notions. He also had a wonderful & quite sophisticated sense of word play & the windows were always fun to do.

Sir Terry-thanks for all the laughs, insights & from stopping this bookseller from developing a involuntary sneer whenever the words SF & Fantasy appear-because you arrived at just the right moment.

RIP & thanks for paying my wages fella. The gag you & Mr Gaiman cooked up about traffic wardens is prob my all time fav.


and I forgot to add the following too:

Quote Originally Posted by Editor View Post
a possibly 'unseen' legacy from TP is one that all booksellers, publishers, teachers, parents really should have in mind is that he absolutely reached the so hard to fulfill just adolescent group. Mostly boys, but they're the most difficult of all to keep reading at that age.

Not only that but he kept those readers growing, expanding, to teach themselves & above all, to question. Frankly I think that's bloomin' marvellous.
So long & thanks for all my bananas.

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