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Riding A Bike Makes Men Sterile!!!

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Lately, I’ve been thinking about all these ’reports’ that you hear people talking about that say:


That’s cycles and motorcycles apparently.

This raises a few questions for me - firstly, is there any backup to this, or is it just bullshit?

Have you ever known someone who’s been made sterile through riding a bike? I haven’t. Even if they’ve CLAIMED this was the reason they were sterile, is there any evidence to back this up?

I suspect not.

More importantly, WHY would riding a bike make a man sterile?

Oh, sure, I know what ’people’ say: "It’s because it crushes your testicles!".

Is it really?

Well, sorry to piss on your bonfire, but if riding my bike DID crush my testicles, I’m pretty damn sure I wouldn’t do it! I’m not into genitorture, and I’m pretty certain that when I ride my bike I’m not sat mashing my potatoes!

And if ’they’ mean it’s cutting off the circulation to my balls, I will dispute that one, too. I’ve been called ’Numbnuts’ several times in my life, but have yet to experience the actual sensation or condition.

Is there any real medical or biological reason why riding a bike should make a man infertile?

And if it does, fill my tank up and let me at it!



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  1. Bigjawa's Avatar
    This is unadulterated bollocks!

    When I was DR-ing for 50 hours a week, it was the time when all my wee ones were born. So there's way it makes ye sterile.

    Although it makes the old sac, a bit tougher!

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