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Ceviche recipe

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GS - please post ceviche recipe.
So, I had ceviche at the beginning of 2014. Long story short I thought "wow". So began a mission to try and make it. My friend gave me her recipe but, as is my way, I decided to google. And there are loads of recipes and ideas out there. And by the end of 2014 I was basically full circle to approximatly the recipe I started with.

Below is the recipe and my notes, these were done as I was going along so I am simply going to post it rather than correct spelling, grammar etc.

The only thing I would say is try the recipe and adjust to your taste. I like the bitter taste of limes and chilli but its all adjustable which is why there are the experiments. The other thing I learnt since then is put the fish into the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes, it being chilled makes it easier to cut and handle.


================================================== =========================

1 red onion, finely chopped
500g skinless and boneless tilipia fillets
1 tsp salt, plus extra to season, sea salt by preference
Juice of 8 limes
Juice of 1 orange
2 red chilli (birds eye), shredded
Small bunch of coriander, roughly chopped, stalks for the dish, leaves for garnish.

1. Put the chopped onion into iced water and soak for 5 minutes, then drain well. Best to use a tea towel rather than leaving the onions to drain since you want to use it straight away.

2. Cut the fish into 1½ - 2cm cubes and rub with the ½ tsp salt. Leave for a minute. Add the citrus juices and the chilli and leave to marinate for 10 minutes in the fridge. Check the seasoning and adjust if necessary.

3. Mix in the coriander stalks, stir in. Divide into 4 bowls making sure you get even amounts of fish/marinade, scatter over coriander leaves. Don’t be tempted to stick it in the middle of the table since people will just pick out the fish and no marinade and that ruins the overall flavour mix.
Things to try

  1. Marinade for longer
    1. 1 hour – made for a stronger flavour, like it
    2. 2 hours – worked fine
    3. 4 hours – lost a lot of the flavours. It was okay but you would need to serve something along side it.
    4. 8 hours
    5. 12 hours – so so, it was okay but claggy/dry.
    6. 24 hours – don’t do this, its way too long.

  2. Try the following fishes
    1. Bass – works well, def a good substitute
    2. sea bream
    3. Pollack – works okay
    4. Salmon – don’t do that again, it doesn’t take the flavour.

  3. Try lemons – meh, not impressed with that.
  4. Try without the orange juice so its more Peruvian – very bitter, the orange does help to soften the lime
  5. Try
    1. Salting the onion to remove some of the bitterness – made the whole thing taste of salt, sod that
    2. White onion – too sharp
    3. Spanish onion – that works as a substitute to red onion but you lose some sweetness
    4. Shallots – yeah, not bad, but again adds a sharpness
    5. Add garlic – totally drowned out by the lime
    6. Don’t rub the fish with salt. Funny one really, you get bursts of salt when you are eating rather than it being “part of the fish”. Stick to rubbing the fish.

Other stuff

  • Mango and Avocado works well alongside the dish
  • Tell people not to dip the bread in the marinade, its not nice that way

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