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Trouble with a McDonald's Imposter...

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It started with a stone cold meal from McD's at Peterborough Services at lunchtime last Thursday. By the time I discovered this I was on my way. I was knackered & needed something hot-otherwise I would have gone to M&S as I usually do. So that was all fine & dandy. I did actually go to the trouble of filling in their on-line feedback form. I got this yesterday morning:

"The restaurant you have referred to is run by our franchisee, Matthew Jarrett. As the owner of the restaurant, they look after any customer feedback themselves. We have already passed on your message and details to Matthew Jarrett and they or a member of their team will be back in contact with you over the next few days."

i.e fuck off. This morning I had some kind of an announcement on my FB about a McD's Monopoly Promotion, with a link to their FB page. Well it would have been rude not have taken such an opportunity...


tell you what-drop all the monopoly promo & concentrate on the one golden rule of them all-if you're serving hot food, then do serve it actually hot. Not cold & limp like you did to me last week. Yes I was annoyed enough to log it on your website form**. I have no idea how on earth your outlet could have mucked up something that basic & essential. Really high turnover one (services) & lunchtime too. Did they pick it out of a discard bin or something??

** which to your credit you replied to yesterday. But, despite it wearing all your signage, you chose to cascade the buck onto the franchisee i.e "The restaurant you have referred to is run by our franchisee, Matthew Jarrett. As the owner of the restaurant, they look after any customer feedback themselves."
McDonald's Customer Services Department Reference: 1735044

Out of interest does that imply that the airport outlets aren't actually run or accountable to you either? Because I know you/they lost Heathrow T1 airside contract in favour of BK, due to multiple failures to open on time & for 'running out of bigmacs'. That wasn't at all clever with the premium flights >10k pax a day footfalling past what was you. Don't you think it would be a good idea to exert more control over your franchisees? My issue is trivial in comparison to the commercial impact on you losing T1 airside AND allowing the competition to take it. A WCS I feel.

Plus, & this is vital, regardless of who is actually running/owning/leasing the site, the customers' perception is about their experience/relationship with McDs. Kind of what successful branding is all about. I'm lovin' it-no I am most certainly not.

Incidentally next time I stop at those services, seeing as you feel that site has zero to do with you, I shall go to M&S instead. Or drive a little further down until I hit a BK. Very poor.


Won't make one iota of difference & the last thing I want is a McD's voucher, but I did feel a bit better about it all. I mean their email response is just like that scene in The Warriors-"it wasn't us-it was THEM. They did it." Weaselly bunch of mealy mouthed cuddly wuddly beary beary boos.

EDIT#1 Salvo no2 fired off:

Dear Sirs

This is NOT an acceptable response. Also I have yet to hear anything from your franchise. Now you did pass this on, didn't you?

If neither of you are going to take this issue seriously then I will forward it all onto the Extra MSA Group. If my own experiences of trading under BAA are anything to judge, the owners of Peterborough Services will listen very carefully. BTW my Visa statement arrived this morning which clearly itemizes my transaction with McDonalds on 17th March. Not, I note, this Matthew Jarrett, who is unfindable via Google. That constitutes proof of purchase, as well you know. As far as I am concerned my contract is with McDonalds. In essence-the issue & the accountability are both your own. I will escalate this all the way to the office of your CEO if I deem it fit. As of this minute, frankly I'm of the opinion that they need to know-I would want to.

Furthermore I also posted the following on your own FB page-again with no response. Date of post 27th March, time 10:32.

as per above blog entry

So Sirs, how might you propose we take this forward to a satisfactory resolution? Your CRM has been little short of shocking. Well not perhaps for UK end of operations, but certainly from a USA perspective on how one treats one's customers. McDonalds is at heart an Illinois Company.

Yours Faithfully

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  1. 1888's Avatar
    I have a free meal voucher here from McDonalds. It was my compo for telling them the meal i got at one of there cafe's in Edinburgh was shit and i wont be back. I think i was given this voucher to see if i will be bac

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