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My poor old car!

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I'm writing this in praise of, and to bemoan my poor old Escort.
Considering I bought it four years ago, just because I could afford it, and it had reasonably low mileage for a car of it's age, and it's now seen me one and a half times round the clock, and has just broken down for only the third time, it's really not done bad at all!

Sadly it is old, and despite my best efforts, it's past its best. In four years it's had god knows how many tyres and exhaust parts. Two clutches, new suspension, a steering rack, and now a water pump ...

My poor little Escort ... down, but not out!

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Updated 19-04-08 at 16:22 by fazerdaze

Life ..


  1. Bigjawa's Avatar
    I dunno why you keep persevering with that thing, you've spent more in repairs in the past few months than I paid for my car!
  2. fazerdaze's Avatar
    I persevere because 'Better the devil you know than the devil you don't!' And because I've never got several hundred if not thousand pounds 'spare' to buy a newer one
  3. fazerdaze's Avatar
    Bastard thing's broken down again!!

    Clutch went floppy on the M25 yesterday, so I coasted onto the hard shoulder and made my third call to the RAC this year!

    Clutch place can't look at it till Tuesday

    ... just what did I do to deserve such rotten luck??


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