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PADI openwater Qualification - Session 2

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A week passes, and I’ve done my homework from last week. This just involves reading chapter one of the PADI book and answering the questions at the end of the sections. No big deal.

Our classroom session starts by going over this homework. Pretty much everyone got all the questions correct, and any errors were more down to not reading the questions than a lack of understanding.

Dave, the instructor, gives us a talking-to about the kit we’re using – the regulators, the valves, the bottles, the BCD, and how it all goes together. This week we’ll be assembling and disassembling our own kit, unlike last week where it was done for us.

We then do another multi-choice quiz, which we sign and date, so I’m assuming that they’re part of the formal procedure of passing the course. Then we headed down to the pool, got changed, and were assigned our dive box.

The dive box contains (hopefully) all the bits of kit that the school is providing for the training. Bottle, regulators, BCD, fins, weight belt and mask. We’re taught how to set it all up and prepare it for use. Then the procedure for donning it all in a buddy pair, and the pre-dive checks.

We then use a seated entry to get into the pool, and we’re into the first of the drills.

Breathing without a mask – as a diver, you need to be comfortable in removing your mask, and not panicking. Under the careful watch of the instructor and DMs, one by one, we take our masks off and Dave times us for more than a minute. Then you sort your mask out, place it back on, clear it, and give the OK signal. A couple of people had issues with this, but they all did it after a couple of tries. I guess the big issue is not being able to see, and that can cause a bit of panic in some.

We then did some deep water ascent and descent drills, which to be honest, in a three metre pool, are not anything remotely tricky. In a buddy pair, you signal your intent to go down, orient yourselves to a feature so you know which way you’re facing or heading, Insert / clear your regulator, check the time of your descent, elevate your inflator hose, and descend. SORTED.

On the way back up – Signal, check time, elevate bcd hose, look up and ascend. Stella.

And that was pretty much it, apart from breaking our kit back down and placing it all back in the boxes.

This week was less fun than last week, and it seemed like we had less time in the pool. The one-minute mask off business took up a lot of pool time, as we each performed it in turn, some of us more than once. With travel time of the instructor and six students, I wouldn’t be surprised if that drill alone took half an hour. As I’m not reading ahead in the book, I’m not sure what we’re going to be drilled in for the next three pool sessions.. perhaps a bit of breathing from our buddy’s spare second stage, some other entry techniques.. breathing air from the BCD? We’ll see.

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  1. Silly Car's Avatar
    Very good write up, sounds like it is all starting to come together.

    Module three in the pool has loads in it, so you'll find that to be more rewarding. I understand the point about only having limited time in the pool for this session, however it is unavoidable if members of the group have problems with a particular skill.

    Hope you carry on having fun

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