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El Gordo


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Or lack there-of.

What's a boy to do?

Lack of girlfriend means sum total of social interaction is direct family. TV is going down the tubes, the internet seems to get smaller every day as more websites launch, and there's only so many laps you can drive and nazis or terrorists you can shoot before you feel like counting the artex ridges on the ceiling will be more exciting.

And then you remember you have ears, and eyes... Books and music! Two of the finest developments in the history of humanity, and so much to choose from.

There's the classics, the great writers, and various shades of aural heaven to choose from.

So, in order to celebrate these greatest of things I've decided to mix the two, and ordered an audio-book. And so, it is with great excitement I am about to peel the celophane off the first in the Harry Potter series, "The Philosopher's Stone". Yeah, you can laugh... A kids story, and I'm only 11 months shy of 30... But the bit that made me click that button and make an order is this.

Stephen Fry.

One of the greatest living Englishmen, who can give eargasms with his mellow accent, is the voice who reads totally unabridged the tale of the boy wizard.

Can't wait!

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