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Pullover existed!

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I can't believe I've finally found evidence of a kids tv programme I remember from my youth...a programme called Pullover which was about a monkey toy made from a child's favourite pullover (hence the clever name )

But thanks to the wonder that is Wikipedia, there is finally proof that I'm not nuts and didn't imagine the programme, but it actually existed...either that or there are two of us that imagined the same imaginery programme!

Pullover Productions - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Still can't find any pictures or stills from the programme...but should anyone be reminded of the programme, please do post up you remember it...and should anyone ever find a pick of it, please post it too!

I know I shouldn't be this happy but I really am!

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    ah, Czeck Animation! There's some original stuff err, sorry there was at the sadly now defunct MOMI. I think the National Museum of Film & TV might have some of them too. Long way to Bradford though just for that!
  2. mrlongbeard's Avatar
    Nice knitting pattern for you at the bottom;

    Curious British Telly: Pullover

  3. mrlongbeard's Avatar

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