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Chilli Vodka - the work of the devil

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After the chilli harvest last year I was left with a load of chilliís and no idea what to do with them. Having asked for some advice I was told to put some chilliís in vodka to make a nice flavoured drink.

The person who suggested it didnít specify the exact amount so, since I liked chilliís, I thought what that hell. A small bottle of vodka was purchased and into this half bottle went 12 small birds eye chilliís and 2 scotch bonnets. I didnít really expect much so I popped the bottle into the freezer and promptly forgot about it.

Well the fridge was turned off yesterday in preparation for moving and out of the freezer came this forgotten bottle of vodka, by the time I got home it had thawed out.

Happy at the discovery of unexpected bounty I figured it was time to taste. Two shot glasses unpacked, filled up and ready to go.

Mother of god the chilli taste.

SWMBO obeyed gave it a little sip and declared it the work of the devil. Which it is. I love chilliís but this stuff made me cry.

My mouth was tingling for 15 minutes, what a great excuse for eating chocolate!!!

On second attempt it tasted much better but I think now the plan is to buy another bottle of vodka and cut it down a little with the chilli stuff, that should hopefully mellow the taste.

And then another bottle to make chilli chocolate vodka.

And possibly another bottle since there will be some chilli vodka left, and since you cant drink it neat...............well you get the idea.

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  1. MrFiction's Avatar
    LOL so how many chilli's do you reckon for something drinkable?

    3 Thai Birdeye's in a full bottle?

    Did you score the chilli's before putting them in or just whack them in, and for how long?

    It's about time I made some, considering I'm a lover of superhot sauces and vodka...
  2. chillitt's Avatar
    Any more advice on this? It's the time of year for ruining perfectly good vodka, after all...
  3. go_slow's Avatar
    3 to 4 thai birdseye in a bottle would be about right I would say. I left it in the freezer for a month.
  4. Editor's Avatar
    as mr fiction asked, did you puncture the chillis beforehand please g_s?

    And are we talking fresh chilli or dried please? I have wee glut of fresh ones!

  5. go_slow's Avatar
    Fresh chillis, I just use a needle to pierce them - simplest method really. I have heard of chopping the chillis and deseeding but having tried that I ended up with just a bleugh version of it.

    This years have 6 thai in a half bottle of smirnoff since the cutting down plan worked a treat. I'll "water" down the cheap vodka with this to get the taste right, previous experience tells me its too hit and miss to use a whole bottle as you can read above, by blending like this I should be able to do 2-3 full bottle to a nice taste, perhaps one stronger then the other for those who want something different.
  6. Editor's Avatar


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