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Cottage Refurbishment ~ Cooker

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The cooker left by the previous owners, was old, electric, disgustingly dirty, and doesn't all work.

I've bought myself a nice shiney new LPG cooker, and had a guy come an measure up today for fitting it ...

You know what's coming don't you .......

Yes, I can have the cooker fitted ... but the 'regulations' which say the bottled gas must be a metre away from just about everything .. mean that in order to do so, I have to turn the back gate round so it opens the other way .. outwards instead of inwards

Nothing in this place is ever straightforward!

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    yes, I did!

    I expect there might be something about not placing it near drains as well. Heavier than air IIRC.

    Should it leak that dyke would take an awful lot...
  2. fazerdaze's Avatar
    Back gate now turned round .... which is going to confuse the hell out of people because the handle is now on the same side as the hinges! lmao!


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