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As displeased as I am with Beans Pilot from this weekend, i've written another. Now, I know I shouldn't say it but this second one is good. Really fucking good. <jinxed>
I knew it. I knew the last one wasn't quite right, yet sent it anyway but this one is 'The One'.

I probably won't hear anything from either.
Fuck em. I'll take it to C4.

Happy again now, for those of you who are bothered, here's part of my second series synopsis.

On the high street of a bustling market town in deepest suburbia stands a small quaint gothic church.
The congregation and choir fell quiet some years ago, Minister retired and candles extinguished.
Prayers of worship, hope and adoration abandoned, ceasing to ascend the spire onto the ears of heavenly Seraphs above and beautifully aged sandstone arches now sooted with pollution and age house once sparking leaded windows, boarded from the inside dull, dark and cold......but the huge dark oak doors of St Pius remain open to all, a new religion, a new song, a new faith.
The pews replaced by a pit, the font by fuel pumps and bibles with bonnets.
The Minister?
Flat cap wearing, no fool suffering, old school values Leonard and his crack clergy of Mechanical Messiahs!
Come worship your wipers, adore your ABS and pray for your propshaft at the Alter of Alternator that is: Car-Thedral!

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    you'll be wanting a Satanic Mechanic..

    Now say what? A church converted to a Garage? From reading a couple of American newspapers last week the USA networks are all about cost. OK, mainly of their actors but set costs play a part. So how about CAT-HEDRAL & it's an all feline Vets. Pay in cat fud & you could have a regular called Mrs Slocum too! With a handy right next door pet cemetary.

    I'm sure you've said but what's the Uni course?

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