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Letting go

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It's been seven months since my little girl started school, and yet it's only the last week that things have really hit me...the big thing that has hit me is that the separation of mother and child has actually began and I didn't realise it!

Parents evening was this week, and as opposed to the previous one in the Autumn, this time we got to look through her work and a good chat with her teacher.

Seeing her work was very sweet, so nice to look through it all and see stuff that I didn't have a clue she did.

Chat with her teacher and was pleased to be told she's doing very well and is at the top of the class. Her reading is very good and she has started on Year 1 books (she's in Reception year so is already onto next year's reading matter *proud*).

As we look around the classroom we see many pieces of her (and others) work, but only one that she's talked about.

Her teacher tells us of her "being teacher" and helping her - first we've heard!

And therein lies the problem...she doesn't tell us all the things she gets up to in school...and this is what lead me to the realisation, albeit many months after it probably should have hit me, that for six hours a day I have no real clue about what she does, how she behaves, whether she's happy or sad (she seems happy as she loves school!), whether she struggles to do anything, hell even the thought of my little girl with a lunch tray getting her food has suddenly filled me with a want to spy on her just to see her do it!?!

I don't mean this in an "over-protective mother" kind of way...more in that I am, by nature, quite nosey, but more to do with the fact I want to be able to see my little girl doing these see her taking the steps towards growing up. I know I see her at home...but I'm just too damned nosey!

And anyway...I still don't remember giving her permission to grow up.

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Updated 03-05-09 at 13:03 by Fallen Angel

Baby Angel's School Prep


  1. EddieJ's Avatar
    FA, you could always pop into the school and help out for odd days*. I'm really enjoying the days that I spend helping at Chloe's school, and was there again today.
    You see a whole different side to your own child and also the children of others. It also gives a great insight into the structure of teaching and the school operates.

    I had my own proud dad day this week..

    Chloe has been at a local community college completing a 'Gifted And Talented' science masterclass!! She was one of five pupils and came back with yet another certificate to hang on the wall. Not bad for a ten year old!

    *work time permitting.
    Updated 10-04-09 at 14:58 by EddieJ
  2. Editor's Avatar
    Lovely piece-enjoyed that.
  3. CoolHands's Avatar
    You need to let her have her own life though - you're just seeing the evidence of it by seeing things in school you didn't realise she'd done.

    Ultimately she will be a better person than if you smothered her..
  4. Fallen Angel's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHands
    You need to let her have her own life though - you're just seeing the evidence of it by seeing things in school you didn't realise she'd done.

    Ultimately she will be a better person than if you smothered her..
    I realise this, last thing I would want to do is smother and tbh never have...doesn't stop me wanting to be nosey...and I STILL didn't give her permission to grow up
  5. Lotty's Avatar
    FA, you and Metz have done so much to contribute to the little confident person she is, thats why she is doing so well. I guess its just the start of a lifetime of never quite knowing everything she does and that is hard to adjust to but one thing is for sure, she is one lucky little girl having the parents she does.

    I can understand the desire to see her learning and growing every hour and every day because its just wonderous. The up side is that now you will get even more surprises from her as she shows you what she has learned.

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