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Blogging Old Skool!

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I recently received a very odd thing... A REAL letter, through the post... not a bill... not junk mail... a real hand written letter from a friend I respect greatly, who does in fact make Stephen Fry seem a dribbling mong, it has made me smile for the last three days.
He suggested that if I enjoyed the experience I should send a couple myself... a kind of chain letter without the element of luck or implied threats!
Today I bought a book of first class stamps and once my work was completed for the evening I wandered into the conservatory with a bottle of wine, my pen and some good quality writing paper.
I was astounded quite how difficult it was to write a letter without a spellchecker or the ability to highlight and delete a passage I was no longer happy with.
This evening has flown by, there are three letters sitting on the stairs awaiting the postbox in the morning... I hope the effect they have on the recipients is as positive as my experience.

Why am I telling all you "web people" about this?
Well... some of you may want to give this a go... sure we all get mail, some of it not even bills... but when did you last receive something quite as personal as a letter in real ink, from a pen, not a remote printer on the network... the senders unedited brainwaves scratched onto a sheet of watermarked hand laid paper?

Give it a try... the world is moving too fast we are constantly being told... try slowing it down by having to think about the structure of the whole letter, each word in exactly the right place, no errors or the whole thing is scrap, start again from blank.

My new PDA arrives in the morning, this is exciting... all high tech, shining black and chrome.. somehow though I think the touchscreen and stylus will but just a little less satisfying than it would have been last week.

Try it... let me know when your letter is returned... I hope you are as uplifted as I have been.

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  1. DefTrap's Avatar
    I can honestly say I've not written a proper handwritten letter in more than ten years.

    It was all the rage when I was at Uni - always a thrill to nip down to the post room. Bloody internets!

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