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Hunting for my first Geocache

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In my Geocaching Genesis blog I mentioned that there was a cache within a few hundred metres of my house. As it is so close to hime this seems like the perfect and most obvious first cache hunt. However the location is unlit and I am at work during daylight hours, so trying to find the cache in the dark will probably result in a fruitless search.

So after doing a quick search of I found details of a cache hidden close to where I work. Perfect! Well almost perfect, nobody has logged a find on this cache since September, will it still be there?

This lunchtime I set out with a print out of the details of the cache in the hope of "popping my cherry".

I won't build this up, I didn't find it

In mitigation the ground was covered with a couple of inches of snow so this made finding the extremely subtle land marks (rock under hedge etc) somewhat complicated. The difficulties in finding it were compounded by the fact that there were quite a few people wandering around and I didn't want to seem like somebody loitering with intent.

After 10 minutes of hunting around I gave up. I haven't given up on Geocaching though, I intend to return to this cache location when the snow has melted off, or go to the location near my home this weekend.

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