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First Find!

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In a previous blog I mentioned that there was a cache hidden near my home, after the failed attempt early today I was determined to find this one, even in the dark.

And yes the eagle has landed! A quick dog walk to the location, a 5 minute torch lit hunt around and hey presto I found it. It was like being 10 years old again

Caches contain small trinkets for people to find so I left a little red monster finger puppet and took a model airplane that I will forever cherish as a first find momento, how cute - I'll bet I have lost it within a week.

There was also a travel bug in the cache that I didn't take as I am not yet entirely sure what to do with it. So I left it for somebody more experienced than I. Having done a little reading on travel bugs it seems that cachers place these ID tagged items in a cache, if you find it you log the find on and then re-cache it somewhere else for somebody else to find, rinse and repeat a 100 times and the travel bug may have gone around the world.

I am still having trouble getting my head around how this whole pastime is hidden in plain site, these caches are everywhere but until recently I have never heard of it. Reminds me a little of Number Stations (but without the dark undertones)

So this is the first, hopefully many more to come.

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  1. Spitfire's Avatar
    OMG!!! That looks sooooo much fun. Tapped in the address and there are about ten round here. One at the end of my drive. They are all just off the roadside. Might just have to go put some up in the hills. Thanks WB :-)))


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