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Second Strike, Still Deadly...

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Err, or I could have titled this "Second Lesson, Still A Bit Shit", but I didn't, so there!

Last night was my second ever driving lesson. I knew I was cocking up with my crossed-up go-kart steering technique, and so would have to work on the crappy 'feeding the wheel' through stuff.

I was considering buying one of those steering wheel jobbies for my Xbox to get some practise in on Forza II... As I didn't, over the weekend I even thought about picking up a frisbee, or a dinner plate, or a small round dog just to have a go at practising. Instead I had a few drinks and may have touched some titty.

The time came, and Brian (the instructor) drove me to the small quiet circuit I'd used last time, demonstrating the steering technique on the way. As it happens, touching some titty was the way to go, as when I took over, whilst not perfect, I was doing it just fine!

Not only that, but instead of doing a few left-turn-only circuits of the route like I was expecting, I started straight off going around so I was doing all right turns at the junctions, and after doing that twice we headed off down some dual carriageway to drive around the 'scenic' town of Redditch.

This was amazing to me, but I was doing ok. Once I hit the accelerator instead of the brake, but caught it quickly with no disaster...

I'm still not properly doing all the observations that I should, but I think that's what I'll be working on in the next lesson.

I actually drove the car all the way back home - which I never expected to be doing for a lonnnnng time, as I live on an awkward road and would rather not trash all my neighbours shoddily parked cars. For the next lesson I'll be jumping straight in the drivers seat and driving right from the start.

Still a long way to go, and the slow speed manoeuvres may well still kill me, but I seem to have made a huge jump, and can feel there will be others.

It's good to have an instructor who will push me to do more than I would if it was my choice, but I guess that's just confidence.

We're getting there, and I still haven't killed any kittens, small children, or Gypsies.


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  1. Yambo's Avatar
    The push-pull steering thing is a load of crap. There are 3 elements to steering, (a) when you turn the wheel, (b) how much you turn the wheel and (c) how you turn the wheel. How you turn it is basically irrelevant unless you lose control. Now, if you consistently lost control with the more unnatural push-pull method you'd have to say it wasn't the best method.

    German drivers learn to drive quite happily without having to push-pull the steering wheel as do other countries' learners I'm sure so why is the training industry still so hung up about it? For what it's worth, I never failed anyone for not push pulling the steering wheel and only ever marked a fault if they got either (a) or (b) wrong.

    I'm sure you'll not have too far to go MrF, you'll already have good road sense and once you can happily control the car you'll realise that driving, whether it's a bike, car, truck or tank is all the same - converting what you see into what you do. How you do what you do depends on the type of vehicle for sure but that's the only real difference.

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