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Day 17 of the attempted drinkless

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Well, longer then I had hoped between posts and not a good report this one.

I got sick and tired of not being able to sleep so ended up having a drink. Yep, they helped. So I carried on with having a drink of a night till I got back to work last week. And last week was spent not drinking but experimenting with various combinations of drinks to find something I would prefer to drink.

And then back home at the weekend where friday night and saturday night I drank. And now back to not drinking. I don't know how to rationalise it and I guess I dont have any excuses, we were having a pleasant evening, drinks with dinner made sense. I guess there is any number of ways I can justify it and in some respects I dont see it as a problem but I'm still pissed off with myself, I guess its the giving in but it made sense to have a drink.

So I think I am going to be looking at not drinking during the week and then drinking at the weekend, not what I set out to do but its a halfway house I can live with for the moment and then perhaps look to stop all together later in the year. Dont know really whether thats good or bad. On the bright side it will let me have a go at binge drinking, there must be something great about it if the government want to make it stop

So, drinks I can now tolerate

1) Orange juice and ginger ale - thanks Big Pete, nice one.
2) Cranberry juice and tonic
3) Pomegranate juice and tonic
4) Tea - thats been a great drink for me I have to say, specially since one of the lads bought me in masala tea teabags.
5) Bitter lemon, not much but its nice

Not the most exciting list but its certainly a good substitute for drink.

Quote Originally Posted by DebtMan
Without sounding critical (I hope I'm not), I'm genuinely amazed at how much people drink of a school night evening. AA 'categorise' alcoholism as when the use/consumption/mis-use of alcohol has a detrimental effect on your life. Knowing a few, including recovered alcoholics by one means or another, I would say that's a good generic catch-all. I'm also wondering if there may be some medical 'test' that may indicate any possible degree of damage that you may or may not have endured, ie. liver function test for example. Though I don't know how you could access that.

My best friend stopped drinking when he realised that he needed 12 cans a night just to get to sleep!!!
Nope, that doesn't sound critical, I've checked the AA website and others out of curiosity a number of times over the years, and I don't know when alcohol has had a detrimental affect - I've never woken up needing a drink, I've never craved the next drink or wanted one when I could not have one. But I have always drunk but I score low on all those "are you an alcoholic" tests, so again, thats something else I dont know.

I have an appointment with the doc for diabetes check, I'm going to ask for a liver function test as a starter for 10 and we'll see what that brings.

So, not great things to report but the fightback goes on.

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    don't beat yourself up about it. you're not exaclty abusing it are you-which is when you've hit a problem. Besides, as an excellent cook & appreciative of good food a good drink to accompany is a marriage made.

    If I have to be out with people & don't want a drink I have something I don't really like, but I like the smell of-tonic water with lemon/lime with a fuck load of ice. It's the ice that does the trick for me.

    FWIW we're on schoolnights & weekends off. Something decent over the weekend & not a lot of it-oddly enough the better the quality the more I appreciate & respect it.



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