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Running Scared....

Busy busy busy...

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It's been a busy month.
11 runs so far totalling just under 65 miles (with another two planned - 4 miles tomorrow and 6 on Saturday) and one 6.5 mile/3000ft climb hike around Snowdonia.
Been good fun tho for the most part.

One minor trouble has been my calf muscles/Achilles. A common issue with runners, and often just an overuse injury (I'm hoping that's the case here). Basically my calf muscles are getting really tight after faster/harder runs and I was really struggling with stretching them off. So much so that after a fast 4 miler on the 6th I took 4 days off training, missing a 6 mile easy and 8 mile slow run to give them time to recover, and also visited a sports therapist for a series of calf massages to help sort them out.
Also after a bit of reading up on the internet I have decided to start using a post run recovery drink, high in fast absorbing proteins and adding in a banana to replace some of the carbs the muscles use.
3 massage sessions, 7 runs and a whole heap of stretching later and it seems to be doing the trick. They are still a wee bit tight half hour after the run, but way better than they were and recovering within 24hrs, so hopefully if I can keep on top of them they shouldn't become a show stopper.

If anyone actually does some phys anywhere near York I can recommend this guy if you are having similar issues

Next months sees me start the next phase in my training programme, moving on from the base fitness phase to strength training.
Time to hit the hills!

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