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Running Scared....

First Half Marathon - 1:44

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Ran my first half marathon distance today. Not a race, just a rehearsal run, roughly at the pace I want to run at when I do it for real...
I managed 01:43:57 , quite a bit less less than my target of 1:50 for today, and just under my intended 1:45 for the race...

As you can see from my splits, I struggled for a wee bit mid distance as I'd forgotten to grab my drink on the way out of the house and was feeling the lack of hydration after a couple of harder climbs. There was also a couple of brief pauses, one at around the 8.5mile for Charlie to do his thing (he insists on most runs ) and another at a farm near Aldwark where they kindly let me have a glass of water which enabled me to get back into the 07:50 min/mile pace...
With a bit of luck and keeping on top of the hydration I might make nearer 1:40 next time.

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  1. Bonners's Avatar
    As per fb comments, brilliant stuff!
  2. Editor's Avatar
    this is inspirational stuff fella-you've come such a long way.
  3. Bonners's Avatar
    One further comment, I know they look stupid, but trust me, get a fucking running belt! Go to that Harris website and have a look, you really wont regret it. Trust me, charging past people in the last mile taking a leisurly sup of my drink and a jelly bean out the pouch is priceless! The reason for a belt is that it doesnt interput your running like holding a bottle does. Holding bottles totally disprupts your arm movements.

    Now you are doing the longer distances I cant recommend them enough. One thing to note though is that the general one I've got probably woudlnt hold an iphone for emergencies, it will only fit a basic moblie in. Obviously you wouldnt need a mobile during a race, but it is useful to have if you get stuck somewhere a bit in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Bonners's Avatar
    Another tip whilst I remember; your Garmin should have an auto pause function of some sort which means you dont have to worry about when you have to stop to cross roads or whatever.
  5. Adam's Avatar
    Cheers guys.

    Like I said Si, I have 4 different camelbacks, so I will use one of those rather than look a right spaz.
    Don't have to feck around getting a bottle in and out then, just lift the straw to my mouth.

    I don't think the FR 110 does auto pause. Its very basic, hence half the price of the rest of the range.
  6. Bonners's Avatar
    Surprised about that, I've got an older model (for the same reason, it was bloody cheap!) and it has an auto pause function, ahh well, you'll just have to get Charlie to time his poos better

    Anyway, back to the point at hand, still very impressed with that time for a first attempt, looking at that course it is overall hillier than the GNR as well, the GNR is generally reckoned as being a course with good pb potential which is why you get quite a few elite athletes doing it. Keep up the training and you could be on for something special come the Autumn!
  7. Adam's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bonners
    Keep up the training and you could be on for something special come the Autumn!
    Oh you aren't gonna try and hug me AGAIN are you?

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