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Running Scared....

Three Weeks To Go.

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The count down to the Great North Run continues - live coverage from 09:00 on BBC 1 on the day if anyone wants to play spot the sweaty fat bloke....

So, my training took a bit of a knock back in June/July, with a 5 week gap to recover from a foot injury.
Straight back into it for the second half of July though, with the York 10K ( ) and cracking on with the training program.
I seem to have lost a fair bit of speed tho and am finding it a slog to get back to the pace I was finding relatively easy before. I think I am almost there tho, after a 7 mile training run yesterday:
You can see from the trace I kept the speed down for 4 miles then upped the pace to above my race pace, which I held quite comfortably, so fingers crossed I can do it for 13.1 miles...
Bit of a while since I did 13 miles at race pace though ( )
Well, with 13 runs/70 miles already this month, another couple left to do, then the final 11 runs/50 miles next month to take me up to the race I guess there's still time to improve a little yet...

I'm starting to look beyond the GNR, and as I want to carry on with the same sort of level of training I have joined the local running club who run a championship Sept to Sept each year over 16 events with the best 8 scores to count, so that should keep me busy and more importantly motivated. Lisa has joined too, as the club is a small friendly and social one, with the emphasis on social, not winning championships, so training nights will give her someone to run with and a chance for a bevvy or two in the bar after.
We were in at the deep end on Thursday, with a 5K scratch race ready for next Thursday's 5K Handicap. Lisa, having only just taken up running was happy to just finish the course. I was quite happy with 22:22, 13th across the line, but I think I have left myself with a lot of work for next week. Shoulda taken it easier.
Still, will see what next week (and the 18th) brings...

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  1. Bonners's Avatar
    Nice update and good to see Lisa involved as well. I would like to do the club thing but it doesnt really fit around our life and the dog, maybe one day.

    Dont worry too much about getting your pace up with the long runs as I'm sure you noticed when you ran the 10k, pace magically appears on race day (unless you're running in the arse end of the world, like Fleetwood for example ).

    Anyway, keep up with the training, remember two choices in race week; some people like to keep training hard and just leave themselves a rest day; with my achy body I like to leave about three days free and just go for a 2-3 mile jog to loosen and do some stretches the day before.
  2. Adam's Avatar
    Aye, I intend to do the latter Si, leave myself as fresh as possible....

    Follow up to the above; today was the handicap race. I improved by 22 seconds with 22 minutes dead. Not sure on position, but nobody passed me and I passed quite a few and in theory we should have all crossed the line together...
    Running Activity 3.17 mi | RunKeeper
    Didn't manage to come across the line first tho.
    That honour fell to Lisa!
    After getting in last in 37 mins last week she started first this week and got round in 36 this week and nobody passed her.
    Not a confirmed win unfortunately due to having no previous form to confirm she didn't run slow last week and gain too big a handicap, but a genuine top effort and a win in my mind. Well done hon.

    Tomorrow brings my last 12 mile long slow run before the GNR. Should be fun on tired legs from today, but hey ho. Bring it on.
  3. Bonners's Avatar
    Good stuff and well done Lisa!!! Sounds like you've found a nice friendly club there, hope it goes well.
  4. Adam's Avatar
    This Thursdays activity was a mile time trial, on a quite hilly course. Same again next week and the result of those two runs will then be used to make 4 man teams for a relay event on the third Thursday.
    Lisa managed it in 09:32 Running Activity 0.99 mi | RunKeeper and I got 06:14 Running Activity 1.00 mi | RunKeeper
    I will run with her next week and see if we can eek a bit more out (9:00 ?) as it will be just 3 days before the GNR so I don't want to overdo it...

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