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Running Scared....

It ain't over...

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... until the fat lady sings bloke runs.

24 weeks of training program followed right up to the last 2 mile easy paced run on Thursday (which was actually including coaching a 1 mile time trial for Lisa and I got her round 30 seconds quicker than the previous week, well done hon. ).

But that's it. Just 13.1 miles left to do tomorrow.

Nerves are kicking in, but not about the actual run, more about getting there on time and getting/staying warmed up once there.
(I struggled getting warmed up for the York 10k due to how tight we were packed into the holding area before the start).
What well be will be on the run...
The weather forecast is looking ideal for a run, if not ideal for a street party alongside a run, with a little light rain...
Hopefully it won't put too much of a dampener on people's spirits though. I want to enjoy the atmosphere and take my mind off the run.

And then the new training program kicks in on Wednesday.

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    fuck it-you've put all the work in, you know what to expect & do & you're more capable than most at planning/contigency. Go out & show yourself, Lisa, Charlie & all of us what you can do!
  2. Silly Car's Avatar
    All the best for tomorrow mate

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