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3 years on ..

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Three years ago today we packed my life into a Luton van and moved it, and me, from literally two minutes from Gatwick Airport to my quiet little cottage in the Fens. I'd never lived more than fifteen miles from where I was born so it was both a psychological wrench as well as a physical move. Three years on I'm starting to feel settled. Some of the rooms have been decorated, I've made my mark on the place and it's feeling more like home.
Although I affectionately refer to Wisbech as the arse end of nowhere, it's a nice enough place despite having absolutely dire public transport, and I'm far enough away from the town to be able to say I don't actually live there.
I liked my old house, but who's to say I wouldn't have left it one day anyway? So, the page was turned, I started a new chapter, and I think I've made a pretty good start so far.
Sometimes I think I should have achieved more by now, but being here on my own 'tomorrow' seems as good a day as any to do anything. If anyone else needs or wants anything done, I'm there and it's done before they've had time to draw breath .. but when it's something for myself I lack motivation.
Maybe next year I'll get the greenhouse built

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Life ..


  1. Bigjawa's Avatar
    You need etc, etc..........

    Happy Anniversary FD, ye culchie ye!
  2. Zanx's Avatar
    Were else in the world can you study a real, live Cro-Magnon? Nowhere, that's where. Friday night Cro-Magnon in Wisbech is a wonder of the world and should have wider coverage than it currently has.

    You did the right thing FD.
  3. Editor's Avatar
    oh I know that one so very well. I did a 'course' once (yes, one of 'those') where it was suggested that it's good to be selfish. What's wrong with it? Which I got at the time, but old, ingrained, hammered into you habits are the hardest ones to break. Have a holiday from yourself & go & do something just for you! You're more than welcome over here if you fancy a doggy day out.

    3 years? WTF did that go? Could have done a degree in that. But no. Oh dear-falling into the 'coulds & shoulds' pit. Think I'd better take my own recent advice! Happy anniv FD. Hold a greenhouse party next year!
  4. Zanx's Avatar
    Ed, I know, where did those 3 years go? It seems like only yesterday that everyone crammed into my camper for a weak hot chocolate and a chat.
  5. Editor's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Zanx
    Ed, I know, where did those 3 years go? It seems like only yesterday that everyone crammed into my camper for a weak hot chocolate and a chat.
    yebbut during that you've done rather a lot-yurts & various interesting projects spring to mind. Anyhow-an early night here, & now some weak sunshine are restoring my spirits. And puppies!
  6. Nique's Avatar
    You could move a bit closer to civilisation ...... Wiz-beck don't count love


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