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Running Scared....

Starting the club championship.

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As I mentioned I have joined the local running cub and have entered the 2012 championship which runs Sept- August.
2012 - Easingwold Running Club

The first round was a mixed surface 10K the following Sunday from the Great north Run.
Sutton Park 10K - Easingwold Running Club

The second round was a road 10K the next Sunday (the one just gone).
Foston & Thornton-le-Clay 10k - Easingwold Running Club

Three races in three weekends. Well, its something to do isn't it?

Sutton Park was a nice flat and fairly fast route, a bit different, starting off with a run through the village, into a loop around the garden of Sutton Park (which was quite hard going as the ground was very soft) through some nice woodland before heading out onto the long tarmac/gravel straights of the old airfield. As per usual I got dragged along with the fast guys away from the start, running a 6:30 first mile and pushing too hard on the soft ground, then slowing through the long slog around the airfield, before getting a second wind on the run back in.
I managed to drop 2:06 off the 48:43 from the York 10K in August with a 46:37 and 64th place out of 241 finishers (5th in the club).
Running Activity 6.10 mi | RunKeeper

I was a little disappointed tbh tho, as I was fairly certain I could have done a 45 if I hadn't gone off so fast. Something to work on...

Lisa who has also joined the club, decided to enter the 10k after a little badgering from some of the girls at the club.
Despite never having run the distance - the longest she had done before was a slow 4 miles - she managed to get round in 70:20, and get 230th out of 241, with a little encouragement for the last K as I ran back to join her. Nice one hon...

Foston/Thornton Le Cley was a hillier route, but still fast and with some nice long straights to build up some pace on.
This time when the gun went I forced myself to settle into a pace and not get drawn into "keeping up" with faster runners.
As the Ks clicked by I started to reel a few "faster" runners in, including some that had beaten me at Sutton.
My hill training paid off as I powered up the inclines and let the gravity do the work on the other side.
I manage to pass and drop the fastest female from our club with a mile left to go, and put a big effort in up the final hill.
The plan and pacing paid off, with another 2:14 knocked off from the Sutton result, giving me 33rd place (out of 117) with 44.23 (7th from the club)
Running Activity 6.22 mi | RunKeeper

Again Lisa made GREAT progress, with another concious effort to run to a pace, and knocked a whole 6:44 off from the previous Sunday with 1.03.36!
Best go for under the hour next time!

Yes, she got him:

Got a bit of a breather now (thankfully! I'm a bit tired with three races on the trot) as I am off to Holland for the rest of the month, but I have a (Hilly!)10 miler and 10K in November to look forward to on my return so lots of training to be done in and around Eindhoven. No rest for the wicked....

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