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What do you do....

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when you don't have a best friend to pour your heart out to?

You know the sort. The ones you can tell anything and they won't be judgmental or go blabing to anyone. Someone you can lean on for advice coz you really don't know which way to turn.

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  1. Editor's Avatar
    good question-in much the same boat here. We've seen over the years how well this forum rallies round when the chips are down & the despair squid is in town. Perhaps a post in general? Otherwise, speaking personally I write about it & sometimes blog it on here. Mainly it's the act of writing it that tends to sort out matters, but that's just the way I'm built. FWIW this little corner of the TRC only attracts the intelligent & nice ones. Shush now-don't let on!

    PS If you were really in trouble, big time, I'd have a chat to SdF off board. He's quite different on pm (& IRL) & you will get it straight & no bull. How OK are you huns? Can't solve much but if you'd like an ear always here. Gosh, I've got two rhymes into this!
  2. dooley's Avatar
    as he says just writing it down is often enough. i've had a blog for years and no one's ever seen it. as for advice - unless it's for something practical it's rare that anyone comes up with something you'd never have considered, most of us are at least somewhat aware of what we need to do.

    and if that doesn't help there's always therapy, life coaching and church.
  3. Yambo's Avatar
    You've made me feel a bit sad Spifire and I was thinking of the possible reasons for your situation. I knew nobody in Leyland except my family and it was that reason I went back to Turkey. However my best friend in the village is Turkish and I don't speak the language well enough to always be able to say what I want. My two best friends have both gone, one in a bike accident 4 years ago and the other last Feb. I was lucky in that I could share anything with Pat and often did.

    Much the same boat hen but different waters . . .
  4. S734L7H's Avatar
    I might sound mental, but I don't have a friend like this, all my friends would probably blab it out without realising, all in the name of "fun" and a good time. I once told one of my closest friends something really personal and It was a situation that I really want to forget, I must admit that he did help me out at the time, but now every other time I see him he will bring it up again just for a laugh. So now I just don't take the risk.

    Anyway In this situation, I just talk to myself lol, I am my own best friend. If I need advice and it is something really personal then I'll just talk myself through it, consider every option and then do what I think would be best.

    Please don't phone the mental asylum to report me.

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