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What do political movements go wrong / make a mess of things / achieve so little ?

  1. BananaMan
    I'm normally a "glass half full" type - one of life's optimists, really ...

    But still, I do notice that a lot of political movements seem to go very badly wrong. They either cause catastrophes ( e.g. the far right in Germany, Italy etc. in the 1930s, and then Spanish and Latin American versions following on from that ) or they fade out spectacularly ( USSR and the Warsaw Pact 1989/90 etc. ). Or, they fail to pick up much support, or make a mess of things ( mid 1980s NUM in the UK ... )

    So, what I want to know is why does that tend to happen ?

    Is it something to do with the aims and objectives ? The skills ( communication skills primarily ) of the people involved ? Misunderstandings about methods and policies - reflecting more general misunderstandings about how people behave ?

    There are others you might be able to point to as being successful, depending on how you draw the lines. The "centre lines" are probably different in the UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia and so on, but broadly speaking centrist ( or slightly left or slightly right of centre ) parties appear to have been the consistent movers and shakers in those countries for many decades ... so is that really to do with specific plans and activities, or specific people's skills ?

    Or is there something different going on ? Something deeper, more subtle ? More hidden ?

    I'm starting to suspect that groups of hundreds or thousands of people all working toward the same aims, is somewhat flawed in itself. Maybe it can never really work, whatever it is ...

    Which would be terribly sad, I think.

    Or am I wrong, and groups of people can get together and achieve pretty much whatever they want to happen, if they put their minds to it properly ?

    How far can democracy really go ?
  2. redorzed
    You could start with the idea that everyone is, frankly, an idiot. Not in the old fashioned medical sense, but just idiots.

    This falls down as soon as you properly talk to people, and get to understand a bit about them. And you realise they actually aren't as stupid as they look. They've probably just made poor life choices. Or can't spell.

    So, the problem is spelling.
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