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Changing to gear levers from twist grips

  1. eccles291
    Is it easy enough to change twist grips to gear levers? Iím not too keen on twist grip gears and besides, the rubber on them is bollocksed. Itís gone all soft & squidgy and twists before actually changing the gear. Possibly more to do with the heat here in Cyprus than anything but they are very worn anyway. My mate out here has gear change levers which I prefer but I donít know how much of a PITA they are to change over. Would it mean a completely new set of cables? Any idea on typical costs for the parts?

    This is the state of the current grips:

    This is the sort of set up Iíd prefer. And I quite like these grips too.

    Hopefully these photos arent arenít too big. They look absolutely fucking huge on the thread preview but Iím having problems with the forum on my phone.
  2. a_morti
    Not sure anyone notices the discussions? Just saw one I started in 2012 with no replies.

    In any case, it's easy enough to do.

    Shopping list:
    New full width grips
    Trigger shifters suitable to how many gears you have and your budget
    New inner cables (assuming the outer cables are serviceable)

    Those parts won't be too dear, fitting isn't too tough and only needs a handful of quite simple tools.

    Can't tell much about the bike from your pics. Looks like one which was pretty decent, but before discs were really commonplace? depending on the state of the rest of the bike and depth of your pockets, you're possibly better off buying a better bike you'll be happier owning.
  3. a_morti

    That and a pair of grips. Pretty affordable!
  4. eccles291
    Thanks, that sounds pretty reasonable and also straight forward. The bike is a Cannondale M300 but I think itís had non-standard forks fitted. Not sure if the age as I bought it second hand from someone on here... Stronach(?).

    Still not sure if these photos are displaying at a reasonable size!
  5. a_morti
    Looks like it's not a bad bike at all, would have been pretty decent spec back in the day. Cannondale frame (1996), Mavic rims may have been an upgrade, bomber comp forks (2004) were a good upgrade as frame probably came with rigid fork and quill stem, lx rim brakes (1998 ) with the linkages were quite an upgrade back then as the frame may have come with triangle pull brakes.

    The pics are big but that's fine you can zoom in n out.

    As the drivetrain wears (hook teeth same as a motorbike), the rims wear out from braking, and the brake caliper linkages wear out from old age, that'll be the time to consider a new bike if you wanted to. Your fork is disc compatible so as and when, you could look for a bike with decent drivetrain but cheap fork, and fit your fork on assuming it is working well.
  6. eccles291
    Wow. Lots of info there, thanks. Iím not massively into push bikes as is probably apparent but it could do with a little bit of TLC and some money spent on it. Good to know about the forks though. Thanks.
  7. a_morti
    Did you get it sorted?
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