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Who are you and what do you do?

  1. GreenRanger
    I'm currently a music student studying to be a "commercial" music composer. This entails learning a broad range of skills from being able to compose orchestral pieces using notation software such as Sibelius, to being able to bang out hairy techno music using Logic. They even let me compose for my own personal instrument from time to time, the elec guitar.

    [If anyone's interested in talking about anything film, music or film music related i.e. what films/albums shoud I buy/avoid, check out the film and music group under the community section]
  2. Bobzilla
    Chartered Accountant.

    Could have been a pro orchestral player (French Horn) but chose not to. Other than that, Bass guitar, other 'middle' brass, keyboard instruments and just picking up composing/arranging again with Cubase.
  3. rodbargee
    Film/TV Re-recording mixer, or dubbing mixer. All the same job really, though "Film" credits tend to be Re-recording mixer and TV....Dubbing mixer.

    The job is to mix together all the sound elements required in a film or television programme. This may also include recording things like music, voice, footsteps, sound Fx's.... anything really.

    Its fun.

    You have to be a diplomat with a technical bent. Eliciting a consensus in the room, smoothing ego's and being as duplicit as required. Oh yes you have to be able to operate the kit too

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