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  1. Little Vix Pink
    Little Vix Pink
    Hello everyone. I have, after much thought, just registered with the Open University to study a Level One course: Exploring Science.

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be a marine biologist. I didn't do that, and it's bothered me for years. Aaaaaaaaaages. So, now I'm in a position to do something about it. This is step one; further steps will take me along the road of Natural Sciences, specialising in Oceanography. And from there, who knows!

    It'll be bloody hard work; but I spend much of my spare time reading books about science, or watching documentaries, so I don't think it'll be a hardship. I'm really excited about it.

    Who else is studying? What are you doing? Tell us all about it. I'm hoping we can be a support to each other, as well as possibly a source of information - we have so many multi-talented people on this forum, I'm always astonished at how much information is out there.

    Cheers, and welcome
  2. lloyd_christmas
    OU student here.

    I'm just coming to the end of my eighth OU course (revising for final exam right now) which will finish the BEng(Hons) I have been studying for since February 2006.

    I hope you enjoy your studies as much as I have mine.

    I am planning to start an OU MEng in May next year even though at times I really, really wish I had some free time in which I didn't have to study
  3. Beancounter
    In December I start studying for a BSc in Estate Management at the College of Estate Management (Reading). I'd be lying if I said achieving a degree was an ambition but it seems I need one to advance further in my career. Sorry, don't want to knock those with motivation and enthusiasm for studying.

  4. Pseudonym

    I've just seen this group and joined. I started at Nottingham Trent Uni yesterday 05/10 for my part time course. Still, 1st day and we've already been given 5 assignments. Oooh!

    Oh, forgot to mention. I'm doing Professional Diploma in Safety, Health and Environmental Management.

    Good luck LVP, I'm sure you'll be fine. Let's hope this leads to great things for all of us.
  5. Little Vix Pink
    Little Vix Pink
    Glad to hear you're enjoying it LloydC - I'm pretty sure I will enjoy mine, but it's always nice to get some positive reinforcement Good luck for your final exam *fingers crossed*

    Beanie - any motivation to study is good in my humblest of opinions.

    Pseudonym - good luck to you! And if you ever need any advice/info/resources that I can help with, do let me know. I work for An Organisation in your field (PM me if you want more info )

    I'm just thinking about how to pay for the thing now... Getting really excited waiting for my "pack"!
  6. Sleazyrider
    Hi all,

    anuther OU student here doing BSc psychology - I get all over excited when another delivery of course materials arrive; how sad is that !!!
  7. lloyd_christmas
    It is exciting when the first pack for a new course arrives.

    The only thing better is/was to return home from work to find a returned TMA on the doormat (although that's mostly a thing of the past now with electronic submission)

    LVP did you know you may be eligible for financial assistance if you earn less than (IIRC) 27k?
    Financial Support - Eligibility

    Also, i was able to claim something back from my employer through the lifelong learning scheme (although I have no idea how that works its worth asking about), every little helps.
  8. lloyd_christmas

    that is what i set out to do initially and did DD100 'Introduction to Social Sciences' (or similar) before switching to engineering.
  9. Sunny
    Hello. Permanent part-time student here - I am forever trying to learn something

    I've just started AS-level German at night school. Eek.
  10. Sunny
    P.S. Over the last few years I have completed:

    *HNC Business and Finance
    *HND Business (Top-up)
    *Touch typing
    *GCSE French (A*)
    *GCSE German (A)
    *BA in Business and Management (Top-up)
    *Motorcycle Maintenance Level One

    The HNC + HND + Degree top up took 3.5 years in total = happy me as I wanted to get a degree, but wasn't sure I could face signing up for 6 years of OU.

    I now intend to sort out A-level French and German and then maybe I'll think about getting onto an OU language degree
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