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What've you got?

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  1. OB

    1987 Land Rover Defender 90 which once upon a time was well loved.
    Some TRCers christened it Ermintrude.
  2. Ant

    '85 Corvette, Auto, Tuned Port Injection.
  3. Spliffyaid
    Had a few nice ones in the past

    Now driving one of these E46 M3

  4. NyseriA
    It's not quite as epic as an old Landy or a Corvette:

    Golf R32

    Didn't know you had had one too Spliffy
  5. Bloo
    I don't have piccies yet but I've got a MX5 MK2.5 and a 1988 Landrover 110 Station Wagon. The MX5 can't get out in the snow but it's got a good heater and heated seats. The 110 can go anywhere but comes with free frostbite.
  6. Spliffyaid
    Not any more, but loved that car, uprated the haldex unit on it, so it was more 4x4 than normal, tended to suffer from understeer as standard, then got really stupid with it and stuck a super charger on it
  7. malphesius
    All in various states.

  8. Ant
    You've got a left hand drive M3 from another website?
  9. wobbler

    330 Ci, 2003 pre facelift model. Love it. Not so great in the snow and ice. Fucking thirsty!
  10. OB
    When we're a proper forum we'll be able to add attachments.
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