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  1. mr nozzle
    mr nozzle
    Mrs Nozzle has a Nikon D3100 with a couple of lenses. The zoomiest being up to 300mm. I would like to get her a larger lens (she's such a size queen!), but the prices are waaaay too high. I've seen some teleconverters for reasonable prices but are they any good? Ideally one that doesn't knock out the auto-focus. She takes pictures of fast moving subjects in quite bright light (predominately kite surfers) (or men in rubber suits), and would like to get at least the equivalent of a 500mm lens. Can anyone advise the best way please?
  2. RiceBurner
    I've done a little research on this.... The Nikon teleconverters don't (iirc) allow the autofocus to come through, but I think there ARE some that do (can't remember the brand name, probably american sourced though). The main thing is that you lose light coming through the lens, so a 1.4x tc means you have (essentially) 1.4 stops worth less light coming through. eg if the lens is set to f4, you're ACTUALLY taking the photo at f5.6 - that's the amount of light that the camera sees. So you need to use a slower shutter speed (or a higher ISO) to compensate.

    I'm still in two minds about it, but I am quite likely to buy a 2x TC at some point.
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