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Recommended locations

  1. RiceBurner
    Anyone got any good places to stay, either for 1 night or a few days, or even weeks?
    (all global region information is obviously welcome!)

    Obviously there's a huge number of websites devoted to this sort of stuff - but as always, personal recommendations are best.

    We're off for our first 'campervan experience' next weekend - going to Tintagel for a couple of nights so will do a write up of the sites we visit.
  2. RiceBurner
    We stayed in 2 locations over the weekend:

    Firstly: Wellington Country park, 1 night, 17 for a van and 2 adults out of season.
    This place is loverly! Very quiet woodland location (something like 85 pitches, there were 3, maybe 4 groups in the place), the electrical pitches had individual hookups* and there was plenty of space. Ok we weren't on grass, but the surface was flat and not muddy. The facilities were excellent, full stop. No cafe actually on the campsite (the place is a country park so all the official stuff is based at that reception area), but the showers/loos/washing/laundry area were all very good.


    Secondly: Headland campsite, Tintagel, 2 nights, 38 for a can and 2 adults out of season. This is the campsite that is closest to Tintagel village that you can get (it's actually through the village and out the other side). The site is not actually on a headland, but rather on the reverse slope, so a little sheltered from the westerlies, which is a good thing. Again, the facilities were very good, they're old and simple, but perfectly functioning and easily accessible. The pitch was on grass and large enough, but we had to manoeuvre around a bit in order to fail to reach the hookup* with our 10m cable. in the end we borrowed an extension from the owner! (He offered, once he saw the issue, we didn't have to ask). The freshly mown grassy pitches were fine, if rather muddy once the rain moved in. We weren't in the best position (side door facing west, into the wind) due to the hookup shenanigans, so that was a learning for us.

    Recommended site, even if the views are mainly to the east rather than the coastal headlands to the west.

    I can definitely see us using both sites again.

    (will put up a photo of each location later)

    * I didn't realise how easy this makes things until parking at a place with multiple hookups at one stand)
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