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G-MAC Glide Evo Double Visor Modular

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The G-MAC Glide Evo Double Visor Modular is a modular helmet designed for motorcycle riders who want versatility and convenience without compromising safety.

The helmet features a lightweight thermoplastic shell construction that offers durability and protection. The interior is fully removable and washable, providing a comfortable fit and easy maintenance.

The G-MAC Glide Evo Double Visor Modular helmet features a modular design, which means that the chin bar can be easily lifted up when needed, allowing riders to easily communicate with others or take a drink without removing the entire helmet. The helmet also features an adjustable ventilation system that allows for optimal airflow and temperature control, making it suitable for riding in all types of weather conditions.

The helmet has a quick-release buckle for easy on and off, and also features a retractable sun visor to provide riders with additional protection from the sun and glare. The visor is also scratch-resistant and has a locking mechanism to ensure it stays securely in place while riding.