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Castrol POWER1 2T Motorcycle Oil 1L

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Castrol POWER1 2T Motorcycle Oil is a premium-quality engine oil specially designed for use in two-stroke motorcycle engines. This 1L bottle of Castrol POWER1 2T Motorcycle Oil is formulated with high-quality synthetic base oils and advanced additives that provide excellent engine protection and performance.

This motorcycle oil is designed to deliver exceptional acceleration and power, making it the ideal choice for riders who demand maximum performance from their engines. Its advanced formula is specifically designed to minimize engine deposits and reduce exhaust smoke, ensuring that your engine runs clean and efficient.

Castrol POWER1 2T Motorcycle Oil is suitable for use in both oil-injection and pre-mix systems and is compatible with a wide range of two-stroke motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs. It meets or exceeds the requirements of leading motorcycle manufacturers, including JASO FD, API TC, and ISO EGD.